Hello Seb

I’m sure there are many of your supporters like me, who are wondering if you are having tech problems with the site …

I hope you manage to resolve them.

Have a good day Sir .

Best regards


Hello Billy, Great to hear from you. Yesterday while trying to make a new website for my massage,s I accidently send a file to the HaPenis  Project that erased everything.  I’ve been able to retrieve most of the words but 20 years of all the lovely photos and videos are all gone. I’m absolutely devasted.

I am hoping I will be strong enough in the coming weeks, to start all over again.

Thank You for your support, it means a lot.


P.S. In the meantime click here for some amazing memories

10 thoughts on “RIP The HaPenis Project Website : October 1998 – February 6th 2023

  1. If some of us saved photos from your site,?would it help to send them to you for the Cummagain HaPenis Project?

  2. Oh noooooo !!!!!

    I’m so sad.

    All that work

    Is there a backup or a way to go back to an earlier version. Good luck in retrieving it all. It’s a work of art. An oeuvre of great significance to so many of us. Butt we can rebuild….

  3. Oh Seb. I am so sorry that happened not so much or my selfish desires, but you incredible body of work… I hate was has become of technology. It’s not enough to use it but then protect yourself (and work) from hackers and so many other opportunists. Hang in there my friend and hope you are able to piece something together. I ws able to access some stuff from 2019…

    All my best to you. I am going to give my good buddy your contact info when he is in London in the near future…. and hope to visit soon as well.

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