Hi Seb, What I found wonderful at the lingam massage class, last week, was not only the opportunity to learn and practice body and intense cock massage but the deep bond the three of us developed at our table while we massaged each other. There was a real sense of deeply wanting to pleasure and celebrate each other’s bodies and cocks.

You mention the intent is not to make your man ejaculate and I see that the focus should not be on doing that. However, at some point for a guy, the pleasure he feels in his cock can create an intense need to cum. While as masseur I want to keep building the intensity of the pleasure as long as possible without that happening at some point, he may want to or spontaneously ejaculate. Is this okay if he wants it?

I loved your suggestion of wrapping each other at the end of the massage and gently caressing bodies and giving each other’s cock some love.

Thanks again Seb for Wednesday’s session. You created a warm, loving space where we were free to worship each other’s bodies through our touch. It was a healing, bonding and really pleasurable night.

See you in December. What do you have planned that month?

All the best.

Thanks for writing this. When I am doing my 1-2-1 massage, I always ask the man before the massage starts, if he would like to ejaculate at the end. I would say about 91% of men say yes.

If that is the case, then I just don’t want them to ejaculate, I want them to have an outstanding ejaculation.

i have decided at that the lingam massage classes not to make ejaculation an issue. So men don’t feel that they have to perform. We have had men at the classes, who ejaculated during the first round of massage practice and then just got up and left.

I would say the about 9% of men who don’t want to ejaculate after having their cock massaged, are probably using this tantric ritual as a blesssing. Storing that energy for the next time they are shagging their beloved.

I very occasional run sacred-self ejaculation classes, called the 3 circle ritual. I will give you a shout the next time I am having a celebration.

A big hug,

Mr Cox

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