Hello Gentlemen, just a little note to thank everyone who came to our HaPenis Massage Classes in 2018. Also a huge thank you to Steve for all his help and encouragement.

Our focus for 2018 was to make loving kindness a core element of our work. This had a huge effect on myself and I think it inspired me to be a more loving kind man. As a result I have started a new separate group, Loving Kind Men. This group will meet up once a month for a gentle mediation, a discussion, some food and a glass of wine. The men will be asked to do a random act of loving kindness before the event. These events will be cloths on and free. I am keen to hear from men who would like to help organising these events or who are interested in setting up their own group. More info at https://www.meetup.com/Loving-Kind-Men-Revolution/

We will of course be continuing with our Genital Massage Classes and our next event is next Sunday 20th.

The HaPenis Massage is based on my belief that all a man’s HaPenis comes from his penis. So using very gentle strokes to worship(shishna blessings) we take that energy from head to toe around the man’s body. Men minding men, men massaging men, men celebrating the magick of masculinity. Expect to be touched, relaxed and inspired. Don’t worry if you have no massage experience, as the more experienced masseurs will help, encourage and guide you. We do hope you come along, you will meet the most amazing men. More info https://www.meetup.com/BIG-LINGAM-TANTRA-LONDON/events/sczknqyzcbbc/

Over a period of 7 years every man who wanted to join any of my male massage groups on meetup was invited to answer a very pioneering question. Which was “how to you like to have your penis massaged”. There has been nearly 3,000 replies. I have learned so much from each and every word. I have received some very profound and amazing answers. Today was a particularly good day. This is what three men who joined today, wrote

Massage happens with words and thoughts too. The whole body is involved. There is skill and self-discipline, with much to learn from experience, to turn each end into a new start. Altered states of consciousness reward the considered approach. Individuals meld into an eternal, universal whole. Time and space become meaningless. Manhood has its wider geographies to treat on promising paths. New, long routes to new destinations. Empathy tells where the other is moment by moment as the body is transcended.

With a pair of warm hands and plenty of oil, rub and massage the inside of my thighs and groin area. Proceed to oil my shaft and testicles. Slowly and gently massage my balls, pull on them a bit, blow on them. Massage between my ball sack and anus as well as around my testicles including my public bone area. Proceed to massage my shaft I like hard grips, lighter grips and running your nails along it too. Twist when you reach my head, make sure it’s lubed up a lot, I enjoy the sounds too. I like it fast and slow, keep me at the edge, stop then go again. I like to have a couple of finger massaging my prostrate at the same time.

My penis must be treated same as I treat other penises, with absolute focus, finding the ultimate point to pleasure and responsibility. Every single spot must be explored to find the most sensitive one which will become the centre of endless Universe. Once this spot is found the real work begins to concentrate all the energy from other parts of penis to the ultimate act of the Big Bang.The release of the energy will be strong and shared with every one for mutual and perpetual enjoyment.

How inspiring!

HaPenis Days,

Mr Cox – https://www.malemassages.co.uk/

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