I am wanting to know of Non-sexual turkish bath, bath house, public baths, public nude swimming in London, UK. I am not looking for gay saunas. What I AM specifically looking for is places where it is ok to go without a swimsuit, so it will usually, have certain days for men and certain days for women.


You could also try Naturist London Nude Sunday Swimming http://naturist.london/4SundaySwim.php 

Fairlight Cove Naturist Beach. 60 miles from London. The Uk’s first official Nudist Beach in 1973, and despite opposition from the Local Council it is still going strong. Take a train from London to Hastings and walk along the coastline. A very magickal place. You should discover why the men of Hastings are famed, for their amazing shishnas. 

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  1. ..yes nice and smart, when hot and sunny in Endland get it all out ie: Find a really good spot and Sunbathe Darling!!!

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