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When it comes to Prostate Massage London I am the absolute tantric master. I offer an Amazing Prostate Massage Celebration for Gay, Bisexual and Straight Men in Central London. Read my prostate massage reviews. Seb Cox 07974 805666 .

I want every man to experience the amazing sensations that occur when his prostate is touched with magick. This slow sensual prostate massage London is a celebration that is good for prostate pleasure as it increases blood flow to your prostate, providing oxygen and essential nutrients, improving total well being and all-over physical and mental health. It can improve the quality of sleep, and give you more sexual energyWhat to expect while having your prostate massaged in London. I begin your Tantric Prostate Massage London celebration with some easy to follow anal breathing meditation. As you begin to relax your arse, I touch your cheeks and begin to very gently spread your legs apart. You will begin to feel the extra sensitivity of your cock, individual hair shafts, inner thighs, and nipples. Pleasurable sensations appearing on the narrow strip on the side and back of your cock up to the glans and on a narrow strip down your inner thighs. Tickling sensations on the surface of your prostate. Extra pleasurable sensation deep within your prostate and perineum acupressure point. Warm sensation within your anal canal(love muscle). You will experience wave-like movements just up above your rosebud. Unlike anyone else offering prostate massage in London, I have more than 20 years experience. I am the designer of several hands-free prostate massagers (Nexus). Due to a rugby injury from my youth, I have a mallet finger than bend gently and slightly shakes. I always use this finger for prostate massages, as it locks behind your prostate, and provides the basis for my amazing vibrational prostate massage touch. I offer gentle and sensual prostate massage celebrations for like minded gentlemen in London. I am not gay, butt considers myself to be happy, in the traditional sense. To make an appointment for your personalised Prostate Massage London call 07974 805666 or email sebcox@hotmail.co.uk

Preparing for your Prostate Massage London

Really good idea to give your arse a very sensual wash before coming for the massage. Think of your arse as a palace, and prepare for some royal visitors. Remember my gloved finger will very slowly and sensually penetrate inside about 2.5 inches, to gently tickle your g-spot.

Your attention to my whole back (from feet to head and everything between) removed all tension and your internal prostate massage prepared me perfectly – as soon as you inserted the Aneros device my prostate spasmed beautifully and I felt man juice flowing from my hardened dick. I am sure feeling your cock harden in my hand as you massaged my arse helped heighten my state of mind and body arousal. Turning me over, you continued to perfectly read my body with your hands and gradually built me up to an amazing climax. Pete on 13/02/2017


The  Most Sensual Gentle Prostate Massage in London sending quivers of pleasure throughout your mind, body and hole. Discover, where exactly you’re prostate, is and how very gentle massage of it can result in immense pleasure.  The benefits of prostate massage are not only to found in the orgasmic release experienced, but also the deep sense of relaxation that follows. I begin your Prostate Massage London Celebration with an awakening of your inner thighs, gradually vibrating toward your perineum. Followed by warm sensations at your anal lips, throbbing wavelike muscle contractions just up above your anal canal, eventually allowing you to experience touch that is entirely painless and completely enjoyable. I use a technique which involves gently tapping(knocking on heaven’s door), a gentle vibrating finger to very very very slowly and sensually sliding deeper.  I vibrate pleasurable sensation. Using a variation of different vibrational strokes, combined with an amazing cock massage I will bring you close, again, again, and again to an eventual prolonged conscious anal orgasm and ejaculation. When it comes to prostate massage in London, I am the absolute expert. I have been massaging men’s prostates for more than 20 years. I am also the designer of many of the prostate massagers(Nexus) you will see selling on your local sex shop. Read my prostate massage reviews. Gay Prostate Massage London, bisexual and straight men welcome. Prostate Massage Orgasms in Central London with the very experienced Mr. Cox 07974 805666

Hello Seb,  I thouroughly enjoyed your excellent hospitality during my visit to London. It made the trip well worth while. As I mentioned I had several Tantric prostate massages previously ALL a waste of time no more than a rub and tug. Your tantric massage was wonderful as you know my body and mind were in your hands and reflected same. The orgasms as a result of your tantric massage were to say the least HEROIC. this followed by a rest and hot bath made for a truely unique and satisfying experience. So much so as you know I opted for an extended stay to enjoy the second session. WOW even more deeply satisfying than massage number one. I will certainly recommend your services to my friends that are keen to enjoy good health and deep orgasms. Regards, Jack Western Australia

To book your Prostate Massage London call Mr. Cox 07974 805666 or email sebcox@hotmail.co.uk. Read my prostate massage reviews


Gay Prostate Massage London explores the erotic rewards of masculinity. In this celebration, you can experience arousal that can take you to new levels, perineum massage, gentle prostate tickling, prostate massage strokes, prostate reflexology, sex magick, erotic breathing rhythms , prolonged conscious ejaculation, and orgasm. Seb Cox is the most experienced and enlightened sensual prostate masseur working in London. The best prostate massage London.  When it comes to prostate massage in London, I am the absolute expert. I have been massaging men’s prostates for more than 20 years. I am also the designer of many of the prostate massagers(Nexus) you will see selling on your local sex shop. Read my prostate massage reviews. Gay Prostate Massage London, bisexual and straight men welcome. Prostate Massage Orgasms in Central London with the very experienced Mr. Cox 07974 805666

14/08/2011 This is from “Martin” who visited recently from Ireland. Just wish to add to all the other superlatives about Seb and his massage. Seb is a “gentle giant” with a huge heart and is not afraid to encourage hugging, cuddling, stroking etc. You are so professional. My time with you, as before, was excellent with the gentle easy going chat in the kitchen over a cuppa.  This helped me relax, but also you were able to find out from me,  which areas of my body  and needed attention. You looked after my whole body but gave special emphasis to my lower back, my butt, the anus, perineum, and of course the pubic area culminating in a wonderful prostate massage. The whole experience was A1, and you know how to get a  guy to “open up”. Thanks for that “sacred time” together, and for giving me full attention without looking at a clock. I will be back one day!

To book your prostate massage in London call Mr. Cox 07974 805666 or email sebcox@hotmail.co.uk. Click here to read my prostate massage testimonials

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  1. hi seb i had a non ejaculatory orgasm in one of your sessions the last time i visited you it was a fast & furious wanking crecendo in which the orgasm lasted at least a couple of minutes without any prostate massagers & toys etc, i cant say it was multiple as i didn’t ejaculate. but a moving experience it was thanks. John

  2. I have never had a prostate massage before. Do I need to have an enema before I come for a massage

  3. Dear Seb, I have been reading all about your massaging the prostate and feel I must write you and explain what happened to me I went to the doctor as I was feeling lethargic and tired at times during the day well the doctor recommended I have some testosterone injections once a week which worked fine I was full of energy and seemed to have found the fountain of youth by these injections I started body building as I felt I needed some exercise which I soon had muscles where I didn’t think I had anyway. The time came for me to have a check on my prostrate which surprised me and the doctor he couldn’t find my prostate he said it was so small and not to worry but for a few years prior to the check up I always used to play with a small butt of skin from the seam that runs down from my testes to my anus and it was there I used to get so much pleasure and I used to get wet each time I thought I had an orgasm from my arse not my cock I am getting older but still can jerk off also play with this bit of skin which swells up when I play with it. I know it sounds silly or even stupid but is this possible it could be my prostate on the outside of my anus I never have any feeling when I engage in having sex.

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