I simply use my warm hands to bring immense pleasure, as an alternative to the coldness of traditional massage therapy and without the demands of having “sex”. My strong attentive masculine touch to gently massaging you towards a deeply sensual celebration of yourself. I have been doing sensual massages celebrations for men in London for more than 30 years I have never done the same massage celebration twice. During your celebration massage, you will feel erotic energy rise and move throughout your body. There is touch and nothing besides touch to make a connection. A simple touch with my big hot mature, manly hands, on the small of your back, as I encouraged you to simply breathe very, very, deeply. A Slower than slow, complete and repeated sensual genital massages celebration to induce a magickal state of euphoria. Your slowest, most sensual massage celebrations ever. I offer the magick of a mature man’s touch, guiding you to a sensual celebration of yourself, through eventual ejaculation. I work from a professional massage table so men of all ages, shapes and sizes, straight, gay, bisexual and bi curious men are all welcome. As I have semi retired please book your massage at least 24 hours in advance. Masculine touch to gently massaging you towards a deeply sensual celebration of yourself. Mr Cox is is the most experienced and enlightened male masseur in London.

Email : sebcox@hotmail.co.uk

Seb, I have been aware of you for perhaps thirty years or more ?Is it really that long when I first saw your masseur advertisements when I was visiting London? But I was too shy to ask for a massage . Now I live a long long way from your country and I am thirty years older and regret we never met .The other side of the world in fact. So if others read this, do not regret ,do not turn from your desires. One day it will be too late and the chance of a magick experience might be lost to you for ever.,

A Non

An amazing physical, emotional and spiritual experience

A Great Birthday Present To Myself : I have been aware of Seb’s site and his skills for some years and finally had the opportunity to undertake a meeting. Seb is so warm and welcoming and open as soon as you see him and puts you at ease instantly. Apart from anything else he just gets it and you know that you can just finally open up to a male masseur about the true energy you want out of a session. You can totally put your trust in him and be frank with him and the experience becomes something so much bigger than anything you experienced before. It was total bliss and I look forward to being ever more honest and open and just flying away with the experience. Thank you Seb for a great birthday present to myself. Lucky me!

Michael 09/05/21
An Unforgettable Climax

Dear Seb, A belated but heartfelt appreciation for the extraordinary massage you gave me last Wednesday. I felt welcomed and heard by you when I arrived and once I was undressed and on the couch felt in safe and experienced hands. As I grow older I have appreciated being nurtured in this very physical way and since my orgasms are fairly infrequent I was especially thrilled to reach such an ecstatic climax at your hands. I also enjoyed the skin contact with other parts as well as your hands and I enjoyed feeling your fat dick swell under my hand. Thanks once again for such an amazing physical, emotional and spiritual experience. Warm naked hugs to you! (03/07)

Welcoming Kindness

Hi Seb, What can I say about my massage, your welcoming kindness put me in a relaxed frame of mind, nothing was rushed. You have an amazing touch resulting in an unforgettable climax, you are also a mine of information for which I thank you. I really enjoyed our interaction throughout and togetherness at the end, the Warm bath and hot cuppa left me feeling mellow. Can’t wait to plan my return. You are one in a million ! Thanks Seb. PC Sept 17th 2014

An Opportunity To Come Again

Seb, I have just got home after seeing you for the first time this afternoon and I had to write to say thank you,  you really have opened me up as a sexual person. I have known how enjoyable massage can be from a woman but you really are ‘the real thing’. I have never experienced an orgasm like that. Of course, I have known for years that I might like to try this but it also took me years to come to terms with the fear. I think you have awakened the sacred whore in me. You truely are a beautiful person and I knew, that I could always trust you to help and guide me psychologically through the things I found tough – you were so skillful in guiding me and still stretching me physically and mentally that you gave me a wonderful experience and I am so glad that I have met you. I’m just desperately starting to look for an opportunity to come and see you again as soon as I can. I am also PROUD of myself – thanks to you. With best wishes and great respect Jay

Still can’t believe I came like a teenager!

Hi Seb, Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing massage and also how nice it was to meet you. I slept like a baby and had such a deep sleep after the massage. Still can’t believe I came like a teenager! Thanks for making me feel so young! Take care and thank you. Mitch 12/01/17

Your experience has really mentally and physically opened new doors and concepts for me.

Thanks for a great session yesterday, Seb! Great meeting you & you got a great orgasm out of me! Looking forward to next time & intrigued by group meetings as I’ve never been involved in anything like that. Have a great day! Olaf. Feb 08 2018. 11:51am

Thoroughly enjoyed my 1st male massage

Seb – Thank you again for seeing me this afternoon and for your very helpful and wise “comments”. I felt so very relaxed and at ease with you even though it was our first meeting and thoroughly enjoyed my 1st male massage, indeed I haven’t felt so good for as long as I can remember. D on 02/07/2016

So Nervous

Hi Seb. I received a wonderful massage from you a few years ago and I was SO nervous but you were wonderful. I had never experienced anything like it. You were so big and hard all the way through I was a bit in awe! I really wanted to touch you more but I was super shy and wasn’t really sure if it was ok. I think now it would have been you were very open and kind and respectful and your big erection was so natural and beautiful it made the whole experience even more special as there was mutual appreciation. I felt so great after the experience and hope to see you again someday when I get back to London. Thank you. John

Highly Erotic

I had a highly erotic, but very relaxing massage and I enjoyed chatting with Seb afterwards and just absorbing his masculine presence. Seb celebrates masculinity and sexuality and I really enjoyed exploring both these aspects with him. He is totally relaxed and non-judgmental, completely none pushy or pressuring. If you’re in two minds about paying Seb a visit – DO IT! You will not be disappointed Billy

Massage Master of Sensuality,

My strong attentive masculine touch to gently massaging you towards a deeply sensual celebration of yourself. Mr Cox is is the most experienced and enlightened male masseur in London. Male Massage London with Mr Cox. Workshops and Man to Man. email sebcox@hotmail.co.uk

Cheers for massage. Was enlightening ! Pier March 6, 2014

“Great massage, great hot bath. You are a bit like a shaman you know, a magick man, in the oldest sense. You reach into the other world, the other hidden side of men, and pull out parts of themselves they hide away or don`t even know about. A shaman, as you probably know is someone who lives on the end of the real world in order to be closer to all the other types of worlds, who helps people find what they have lost. You said you are comfortable with the darker side of yourself and that is a great ability, most of us hide it away. Perhaps you help men reclaim that a little, and sticking your finger up their arses is a great way to get people to let go of their tightness!! Thanks for the gentle shove back into life. With respect and thanks.” M. London

You Started a Freedom Within Me

Hi Seb, six years ago you started a freedom within me after I visited you twice for a massage. I came out at age 54. honesty (to myself) drove that step and if anyone doesn’t like it, too bad. I still look at your site regularly.

Warm Oil and Hugs

An extended intimate massage with warm oil, hugs, followed by a hot bath and even a cup of tea; a truly perfect time. And as some of your other commentators have said, the feel-good buzz lasted for days. I’m already looking forward to the next session, and planning what I’d like to explore. Oh, and I must make time to do that ‘homework’ you set me Seb, you’re a fantastic bloke, I’m glad to have met you and I will see you again soon. Hugs, Ted, Oct 2011

Knowledge and Wisdom

I can say honestly, truly heart-felt, I really wish I had met Seb some 25 years ago! He is an inspiration, has tremendous knowledge and wisdom, and a very important Massage style. A Man who enjoys what he does with all his heart, and with the finest intention, so that the Men he Massages enjoy it with all their heart.

Outstanding. Brilliant. Amazing. Thank you. 16 Jan 2013 13:33:32

Seb, the effect of the hot oil you poured on my stomach was fantastic and helped tremendously in opening up something deeper than is usually touched. It was so wonderful to go on and on stroking my cock, and being able to enjoy the sensation so slowly building up – and then when I finally released, there was much more than usual – and the relaxed sense of peace that followed was remarkable! In fact, I was so relaxed that I dozed on the train and went past my stop! But that inner relaxation is still with me and when I phoned my wife from the train I felt so naturally peaceful and at ease with her – and that is just great.

Each Sensual Male Massage London is individually crafted to your likes, needs and desires…

This Slow Sensual Massage ritual is to surprise and delight your body. It is deeply nurturing and organic allowing you to experience the many different sensations touch can achieve in your body. I encourage you to turn your attention inward. It’s your turn to ask for what you want and simply to receive without giving back. I will help you to develop a capacity to receive pleasure and to ask for what you want. I am, offering at the very least the a-z of sensual male massages for men in London. Each massage is individually crafted to your likes, needs and desires. I am fascinated by the fact that  touching another man can make me feel, so fantastic. I can clearly remember my first touch by another man. It was an experience that absolutely changed my life. I had stumbled upon what was missing in my life, the magick of being touched by another man. I was on a mission, and more than a quarter of a century latter, I still am. Male Massage London with Mr Cox. Workshops and Man to Man. Email sebcox@hotmail.co.uk

One of Your group Sessions

Thank you for making time for me. You are a generous and down-to-earth guy – I like that. The session was good, but so was the bath, the tea and biscuits and the chat. I’ll be booking into one of your group sessions before too long. Have a nice evening. John Sat, 2 Nov 2013

Explosively Awesome

Seb: I glowed for days following our session, and I still get hard just thinking about how explosively awesome my climax was. Plus then the relaxing bath. You’re a master. An absolute master. Mike

Gentle Giant

You are so professional. My time with you was excellent with the gentle easy going chat in the kitchen over a cuppa.  This helped me relax, but also you were able to find out from me,  which areas of my body  and needed attention. You looked after my whole body but gave special emphasis to my lower back, my butt, the anus, perineum, and of course the pubic area culminating in a wonderful prostate massage. The whole experience was A1, and you know how to get a  guy to “open up”. Thanks for that “sacred time” together, and for giving me full attention without looking at a clock. I will be back one day! Seb is a “gentle giant” with a huge heart, and is not afraid to encourage hugging, cuddling, stroking etc.  Martin

The Purpose of My slow sensual Male Massage London is an Intense Ejaculation, and deep relaxation.

A male massage to celebrate you, to a deeply nurturing and spiritual ejaculation. an ejaculation that will connect you to your sacred, spiritual and sexual self. A sensual invitation to celebrate masculinity from London’s most sensual masseur for men. My massage is a celebration male massage ritual that is deeply organic allowing you to experience a sensual combination of complete and repeated genital gratification. Learn how slow sensual simply breathing meditation combined with my amazing techniques can expand your full body pleasure. Repeated Edging to Prolonging orgasm to an eventual roar, a juddering, conscious ejaculation. I am doing some amazing work at the moment. Please take a few moments to read my amazing massage reviews. To Book your Male Massage London Please Email sebcox@hotmail.co.uk

Monday – Friday from 11 AM. Please book your massage celebration at least 24 hours in advance. Email : sebcox@hotmail.co.uk
Thank you for an incredible experience. You lifted my soul.

Hi Seb, Thanks for another great experience Friday week ago. You are a master of relaxation and pleasure! Thanks for a fulfilling time. I am looking forward to another experience with you. p feb. 2017

Your Kindness

Hey Seb, It was good to meet you yesterday. I knew you were going to be sexy, but I wasn’t prepared for you kindness to me. You were so warm and nurturing in a masculine way. Just what I needed buddy. Thank you, Luca : 14/01/13

Relaxed and Grounded

Just wanted to say thanks for today, it was lovely to meet you and spend time with you. I have a wonderful glow from the session and feel pleasantly relaxed and grounded. I imagine you must have many clients but I really appreciate the way you tune in to my energy and make me feel special – not an “off-the-peg” experience Dave 13/04/2013

Thank you again . It was heaven . Great hands and all the rest. J

Just a note to thank you for today. The space that you create is really something..welcoming, safe and without judgement…that together with your mastery of your art makes for something truly magical. Thank you. I will be back, Love, Alan. 04/02/13

75 year old, exclusively gay man.

“I am a 75 year old, exclusively gay man. I have been going to masseurs since they first started advertising in the Sunday Times Personal Column in the late sixties – I have never been to better nor to anyone closely approaching Mr Seb Cox” Tony

sensual male massage london central ec1
A Hetero Man

Hello Seb, I came to you as a hetero young man who wanted to experience rosebud stimulation. You did a very good job, introduced me to your enemagura, and at the same time convinced me that getting turned on by anal stimulation was nothing to be ashamed of as a hetero man. All that was brilliant and I thank you again for being you and making it all such a wonderful, relaxing, normal, experience! Simon, 26

Relaxed Ad At Ease

Seb – Thank you again for seeing me this afternoon and for your very helpful and wise “comments”. I felt so very relaxed and at ease with you even though it was our first meeting and thoroughly enjoyed my massage, indeed I haven’t felt so good for as long as I can remember. D on 02/07/2016

My Sensual Erotic Male Massage London is 100% Safe, Sane and Discreet.

I am a very shy, quite, calm man, with an infectious relaxing sexual energy.  Your Male Massage Celebrations in Central London (EC1)  includes 60 on the table, and sometime to chillax. I want every man to experience the amazing sensations that occur when he is massaged with loving masculine kindness. Male Massage London is a 10 minutes bus ride from Tottenham Court Road, and New Oxford Street.

Monday – Friday from 11 AM. Please book your massage celebration at least 24 hours in advance. Email : sebcox@hotmail.co.uk

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  1. many thanks, such an ‘opening’ experience. It was good to just be able to feel completely at ease and totally open in your hands, the feeling was beyond description.

  2. Hello Seb, Thank you for a great afternoon today. I wasn’t sure what to expect but you didn’t disappoint. I feel calm and fulfilled. Having examined the website, I didn’t want to die to wonder. Enjoyed your post event hospitality and conversation. Best wishes to you.

  3. Well what can I say Thanks again You helped me go to another level and I had many orgasms the one at the end was awesome !

  4. Hi Seb, Just wanted to say thank you for the other day. I felt sexual, spiritual and the orgasm came from my soul, Thanks again,

  5. Sexual freedom is a process, and the work Seb does is to be applauded. I believe that true morality is about how we treat each other, particularly as men.

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