Let me mind you, look after you. I create a space where every man is accepted for who he is. In this sacred space I don’t judge anyone or say or do anything that would make anyone feel in anyway uncomfortable.

Hi Seb, Just wanting to know if you massage men who are not too confident with their bodies, eg body size, penis size etc

I work from a professional massage table. I welcome men of all sizes and shapes to come and experience my erotic male massage touch. Each session is a celebration. I don’t judge anyone as I am no Adonis myself.

Hi Seb. I am a married guy who would like to combine a male massage with me exploring being relaxed around the power of another mans cock. For years I have been both attracted and intimidated by the power of men’s cocks which if I am honest I crave to worship. I have had this craving for many years but never acted on it. Can you help me live this, please?

I do erotic massage, some men like to feel/touch my cock during the massage. I’m very happy with that.

Hi Seb, Does your erotic / sensual- male massages London involve touching the masseur’s cock, as I find that really nourishes me while I am having my massage, Thanks 

I absolutely love to have my beautiful cock cuddled and gently massaged as I find that really nourishes me while I am giving the massage

Seb. I’ve been reading about you on the internet. All very good reviews.  I hope I don’t offend by asking this but one review said that you were naked and that you don’t mind being touched. I’m quite happy if This is correct, just don’t want to cause any misunderstanding.

I love to be gently touched as I give the massage

Hi, there seb cox….Just found your website — am coming to London on business next week and looks like you are just what I’m needing… not sure which option sounds best… erotic massage… hairy arse massage…. some kind of fetish or mutual massage….

Hello, Each massage celebration is different so we can include what you like into your massage celebration. Best wishes. Seb

Hi Mr. Cox, I found your site online. I am wanting help with premature ejaculation and thought massage/tantric/erotic might help. Is this something you could help me with. Thanks

I think a very slow sensual massage along with some very simple breathing techniques I can show you could help with premature ejaculation. I have done quite a lot of erotic male massage with other men who found my massage helpful. I am based close to the Angel tube and am available most days from 11 am until 11 pm. Let me know when your thinking of having a session, happy new year, seb

Hi Seb, I’ve been watching your website for a while now and I’m interested in making an appointment the next time I visit London. I just have one small request, is there any way that you have video footage of your sessions that I could watch, just so I get the right idea. And are girlfriends welcome to come watch? Just wondering.

Hello, girlfriends are always very welcome, they can just watch or can help me with your celebration. I could even show your beloved how to tease your rosebud, and massage your prostate, but there is not or never will be video footage of my work, seb

Hi, Seb I would like to book a prostate massage with you the only thing is I’m a little shy. I have been massage twice now and yet no one has brought me to that screaming mode where I just want to come with delight maybe there where doing it wrong don’t no so hope you can help and give me what I need hope to hear from you many thanks and how much by the way

Hello don’t worry about being shy, I promise to look after you. The sessions last about 60 minutes and my fee is £90.

Is there a preparation before the rosebud massage. Will it be painless when penetrated? The first time someone tried it was painful wasn’ t actually what I’m looking for. Will it help also my premature ejaculation, I’m cum fast my dick softens fast after cumming what do you suggest I do?

The Rosebud massage is an external anal male massage there is absolutely no penetration. It is about loving kindness, joy, and pleasure. I also offer prostate massage with a gloved finger which is a vibration touch to tickle your prostate. There is only pleasure. I don’t really buy into all this “premature Ejaculation” business. Some men are really lucky, they can ejaculate very quickly. These men are designed to be multi ejaculators. So the quicker and more often the better. I have one gentleman who comes for a regular massage he can ejaculate up to 12 times during the massage. Indeed the first time he came for a massage he ejaculated while getting undressed. He had spent most of his life being told by others that he came to quickly. really good idea to give your arse a very sensual wash before coming for the massage. Think of your arse as a palace, and prepare for some royal visitors.

Hi, Seb I finally plucked up the courage to come and experience on of your massages. I was wondering when the best time was to come and see you and what your schedule is like. Also, where are you are located and how long do you recommend I allow. any further information on what I should expect or need to to do please let me know. Many thanks

Good to hear from you. I am based in Central London Ec1, just of Rosebery avenue, close to Angel Tube. I am available most days from 11 am until 11 pm. Monday to Friday is best for me.

hello, seb. I was searching your site and you seem incredible. I was hoping to be able to make an appointment for an erotic massage with you. i am staying at a hotel in the west end and was wondering what your availability is to come to the hotel? thanks for getting back to me!

I’m really sorry, don’t visit hotels, I am far too shy to do that. You are very welcome to come and visit me. I am based close to the Angel Tube station. From the moment you enter my warm apartment, the surroundings will begin to soothe your spirit. Once inside the warmth of the studio, the soft aroma of frankincense and relaxing sounds of beautiful jazz welcome you. A relaxing bath is available for your use before and/or after your massage.

Hello, I’m 54 yo well fit gay man. I’m very curious about discovering and understanding better my body, from which I gain orgasms only from the genitals. The prostate area is never found or properly stimulated. A little frustrated about that, But I’m not into entering a sexual intercourse with someone else but my lover. I would be ready for an experience if you accept those principles.

That’s absolutely fine. My Male Massage Celebrations are very sexual but they do not involve any sexual interaction.

Hi Seb, I will be in London next week and think about a relaxing massage after some business meetings. Do you have a studio and where is it located?. What kind of massages do you offer? Is there also a full body massage including prostate? Never had that before but would like to experience that. Best regards, Heimo PS.: What would be the price? I have enjoyed reading your website. Like many, I guess, I sit somewhere along the spectrum of gay/straight which is neither one nor the other. That said, to every outward observer I am pretty well 100% straight. But curious to say the very least. I would like to try to achieve the anal orgasm, and while I have no objection to some form of insertion I really don’t like the idea of it being a penis! Can you show me how to get it right? and, if so, where are you in London and how do we take it from her? Best wishes…

Hello, In relation to anal orgasm I can certainly point you in the right direction. I totally respect your limits. I am based close to the Angel tube station in Islington. If you would like to make an appointment let me know the date and time and we can organise it by email, best wishes, seb

Hi Seb, I want to confirm to you – that been straight, its still ok for your male to male massage in London ? I feel that a male can give a male a better massage, as he understands where a man needs to be touched. Sorry for the question, but I needed to ask it. Look forward to confirming a tantric session with you in London. Regards,

Its absolutely ok for straight men to have my erotic male massage, most of my clients are. best wishes, Seb

Dear Seb, Could you tell me what your massage costs and how long it lasts? At the bottom of your home page, many types of massage are listed. It is not clear to me what the difference between them is. Does the client choose one of these? Finally, are you located in London near a tube stop?

Hello, The massage sessions cost £90 and lasts for 60 minutes. No two sessions are the same. The different types of massage listed on my site are just to give an idea of the possibilities. It’s all about what you want during your celebration ritual, saying that I am experienced at guiding men to explore. I’m located close to the Angel tube station, best wishes, seb

I’ve been online reading about you and your wonderful work. I’ll be in London in a few weeks and am hoping I can meet you and take advantage of your skills/gift. I rarely bottom, primarily of trust issues and dislike of pain. Perhaps you can help me loosen up, so to speak. Are you available Sundays?

Hello Good to hear from you. Look forward to meeting when you are in London. I usually work Monday to Friday, butt, I can do Sundays once you book in advance. I always have lots of time. Lot’s of time to give you a really slow gentle rosebud blessing and external anal massage, best wishes, seb cox

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  1. Hi Seb, I have a different issue. Have you ever worked with a man who has a very difficult time reaching orgasm? I have no issues getting myself off but even if I’m getting a fantastic blow job I get a mental block that won’t allow me to “let go”. I can sometimes go until my penis is raw. Someone with PE issues may think this is a dream come true but it’s a nightmare that ends with my partner thinking I’m not attracted to him or he can’t please me. By the way, this issue goes back to my teen years and my very first BJs.

  2. hello,i am 73 years old. i am a psychiatrist,retired from university (lecturer) and private office.i do to consult with preceding time.i want to know everything about homosexuals.

  3. Hi Deb
    Do you offer daddy cuddles too? I red it somewhere on your website that you provide that too if someone needs it after the massage.

  4. HI SEB
    Really enjoyed my first time, it was a while ago. would interested in another group session, can only make week days.

    chris miah

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