exploring the NAKED TRUTH of Masculinity

We are very proud that we have created a space where all god men, gay bisexual and straight men can come together and spend some time exploring the NAKED TRUTH […]

tantric sex

I have had an interest in tantric sex for many years. I have been surfing your site for a while and it speaks loads to me. Your whole approach to […]

inexperienced bi curious guy

Hi, I’m a inexperienced bi curious guy (42) and read al the reviews with great interest. I haven’t seen much reviews from 2015 so was wondering if you still do […]

Penis Massage Meditation Workshop

Hi, I booked in for the 1st July Penis Massage Meditation Workshop. Stupid question but is it ok to orgasm at the event or is that not cool? Hello, look […]

the penis Massaging Prayer

Massaging the penis is a prayer. The first one I have ever had was by a woman. She took her time. It was wonderful! I felt blessed. I was young. […]

Erotic Mindfulness Penis Meditation

There are some academics that say that mindfulness only works for women. I want to show you that they are absolutely wrong. Mindfulness ‘only works for women’ https://t.co/kZ3jz4TsZR — seb cox […]

Jade Dragon Massage London

Jade Dragon Manhood Massage. An ancient cock massage ritual to Enlarge and Thicken the jade (shaft) and Dragon (Head) : Mr Cox 07974 805666 Penis size is limited in terms […]

Straight Men Love Big Dicks

There is something about big dicks that get to the very core of masculinity, but we never really discuss that do we?

Open your arse and your heart and mind will follow

Discover your deepest relaxation with Reiki-style external anal massage and Meditation. This class is open to men of all sexual orientations. At the beginning of this ritual we will practice a […]

Big Lingam) Tantra

Big Lingam) Tantra, with trust, truth and respect. We meet regularly in Central London. Click here to join us. Big Lingam) Tantra as a guiding direction, an inspirational source of infinite arousal. […]

Cock Gym

The Lingam Gym : Jade Dragon Sunday, Aug 14, 2016, 6:00 PM 11 almighty members Went Check out this Meetup →