Loving Kindness For Your Penis March 6, 2022

Guidelines For Men Attending We HAVE creating a very special space where every man is absolutely accepted for who he is. In this sacred space we don’t judge anyone or say or do anything that […]

The 60 Second Porn Festival June 22nd 2022

I am creating the 60 Second Porn Festival to encourage a new concept in pornography, a new art genre, expressing the imaginative conceptual idea that porn is art. 60 Seconds is a Collaborative Video Art […]

Lingam Massage After Smoking Cannabis

Men who have had my lingam massage in London after smoking cannabis will tell you about their wonderful sexual orgasms. Many have found cannabis enables them to be more sent, aware and more pleasurable sexual […]

The Mature Masseur London

The Mature Male Masseur London is Lead Masseur at the HaPenis Project. The Mature Masseur London offers a sensual massage experience for men in Central London. Gay, bi and straight men welcome. Great music and […]

Male Massages London Q+A

Let me mind you, look after you. I create a space where every man is accepted for who he is. In this sacred space I don’t judge anyone or say or do anything that would […]

Unique Male Massages

What makes my erotic male massage in London Unique? I am actually in London, EC1 Celebrate the erotic power of masculinity through male massage and meditation. I have always said, there are two types of […]

TantricK Spanking

The essence of Tantra spanking is the process of Transference and Transformation of Inhibitors. An inhibitor is a perceived or suspected resistor to enlightenment, (sometimes called “blockers”). Inhibitors include feelings of agitation, loneliness, anxiety, guilt, […]

Keep Your Pecker Up

Hello GentleMen, welcome to the HaPENIS Project. This is a guided CoxErcise. Lie down, cuddle your balls. Relax, to your deepest cock breathing . The secret is cupping one hand around your balls while putting […]

Tantric Male Massages in London

A sacred touch to awaken that tantric warrior within you This is your chance to simply receive without giving back. I’ll help you in developing your capacity to receive tantric pleasure. Your erection is always […]

The G(o)D exhibition

Call 4 Entries. Artists, poets, musicians, dancers, rappers, writers, photographers and pornographers are invited to submit works for G(o)D, an online exhibition on the 14th. February 2021 featuring the beauty of the male arse. Nothing […]

The Art of Ejaculation

The Art of Ejaculation was inspired by Aleister Crowley’s White Stains, he was the last British Artist to cover the subject of ejaculation , and that was in 1898. A Huge thank you to all […]

The Art of HaPenis – 22.08.20

A Huge thank you to all the pioneering artists who have contributed their work. The Art of HaPenis Exhibition has been online since 22.08.20 and since our opening day of 67, the exhibition has attracted […]

333 Men’s HaPenis Massaged

Hello Gentlemen, After running our HaPenis Massage Classes in London for 30 years, I have decided to retire. A huge thank you to each and every man one who attended and to Jake, Kian, Steve, […]

repressed cock memories

Dear Mr. Cox, I’m mid 50′s now, and for 30 years I’ve lived with the same situation. Real lust for cock  and yet I’m happily married. I used to think it was just when I […]

How To Touch A Man

I used to read this thing on the internet about how to touch a man. I kind of knew it i read it so many times. But i never wrote it down. That’s the problem […]

Tantric Masseur Training 22/03

Dear Seb – So many thanks from me and my happy cock for the yesterday’s wonderful class on tantric lingam massage. This was a great and very enlightening experience, indeed! It may sound strange, but […]

The Male Deer CoxErcise

The Male Deer CoxErcise is designed to improve male sexual health. It is believed that it can transform a man’s sexual health, and strengthen the body’s sex organs and helps men to experience full-body orgasms. […]

May your Arse Bi/ Blessed

The RoseBuddy External Anal Massage. Discover your deepest relaxation, Central London. Classes and 1-2-1 My class is highly influenced by the Sexological Bodyworker, the late, Chester Mainard. He is seen here speakings about the benefits […]

I💕 20/20

I 💕 20/20 Any Man Can I got the idea for the 20/20 HaPenis Massage Exchange Ritual from a book called Any Man Can by Hartman and Fithian, who were pioneering sex researchers. They concluded […]

Naked Hugs And Sacred Tugs Nov 15 @ 7 Pm

We will begin the evening with a breath and hug circle to give us an opportunity to relax and meet the other men attending. You will then choose a partner to practise our cuddle and […]

The Soft Cock Massage Revolution

The intention of a soft cock massage is to focus on being present to the touch. It’s not about being erect, this massage is about learning how to build and keep erotic energy rather than […]

Sold Out – Loving Kindness for your penis?

Loving Kindness for your penis? – Saturday, Nov. 9th 5 – 8 PM – Central London Finding Your HaPenis Saturday, Nov 9, 2019, 5:00 PM 14 almighty members Went Check out this Meetup → Your […]

The Rosebuddy Tricks & Treat

May your Arse Be Blessed. May you realize that your arse is a faithful and beautiful friend of your soul. May you be happy and joyful and recognize that your arse is sacred, holding many […]

HaPenis Massage Cures Male Depression?

Does Complete and Repeated HaPenis Massage Cures Male Depression? Excellent, question. So in reply let me also be, excellence. I would say that technically speaking its not actually a cure for male depression, butt, i […]

First Touch is the Deepest

Jose Cos, male caregiver treats you to a video musical experimental performance, more (like) sculpture and photography. Here I put only parts of a video. One receives the other man in his lap, (the other man) […]

Become A HaPenis Coach

Become A HaPenis Coach – Featuring the A-Z of Lingam Massage Sunday 26th May @ 4.30 PM – Central London What makes my workshops unique is that there are no long lectures as I believe […]

Everything Is and Isn’t Tantrick Bi/ Mr Cox

About 20 years ago I wrote a short article to try and explain about my Tantric Practice. I thought it was really very good, butt I knew it wasn’t absolutely excellent. So I hid the […]

John First Touch in 5 years

I have just come out of a divorce and I’ve not had anyone touch me in 5 years and I’ve never been touched by a man. I’m thinking about coming down to London from York […]

the universe connects

Hi I would like to attend you HaPenis Massage class I feel like I need my mind putting at ease about something I realize its not a orgy or an opportunity to look for sexual […]

Resolutions And Revolutions>

Hello Gentlemen, just a little note to thank everyone who came to our HaPenis Massage Classes in 2018. Also a huge thank you to Steve for all his help and encouragement. Our focus for 2018 […]

Become a HaPenis Masseur

A warm invitation to come and learn The A-Z of HaPenis Massage and then set up your own group to teach other men. This Ritual shows the 26 basic penis massage strokes that every man […]

HaPenis New Year – Dance & Massage

An invitation to dance as you both give and receive an erotic massage. As the receiver we will encourage you to move on the massage table “dancing” with your sexual energy. You guide the massage, […]

Science is FINALLY Studying Prostate Massage Orgasms!

R.J. Levin, an independent researcher from Sheffield, England, has compiled an excellent study entitled Prostate Induced Orgasms: A Concise Review Illustrated with a Relevant Case Study, this publication discusses in-depth the role of the prostate […]

The A-Z of HaPenis Massages

I used to think I was the first person in the world that used the letters of the alphabet to teach the art of sexual pleasures. Butt, I wasn’t. Here are French Artist Joseph Apoux […]

Authentic Tantra

My name is Alan I am 44, slender but with a little belly, a biggish dick with an 8mm Prince Albert and a line of piercings that go from the bottom of It’s shaft along […]

some questions about Tantric Male Massage.

Hey, I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about Tantric Male Massage. I’ve never delved into it before but it’s something I’d be interested to understand. What is the process? I understand […]

spiritual relationship with another man

Mr. Cox, I am an American married male, 52 years old, who has been practising meditation for the past 25 years. In 1972, when I was 20 years old, I had a spiritual plateau experience. […]

Sexological Cockology Masturbation Massage London

HaPenis Male Massages Central London, EC1. The man is encouraged to masturbate alone. He is left in private to masturbate with dry hands. The man is encouraged to masturbate almost to the point of ejaculation […]

The Importance of Male to Male Lingam Massage

According to the ancient sacred tantric texts a lingam massage could only ever be carried out by a Eunuch(another man), see CHAPTER IX OF THE AUPARISHTAKA.  If a woman carried out the ritual it is called “Tantric Mouth […]

Review Massage Sound Bath Experience Workshop

I have just returned home with a huge smile on my face! The meeting was amazing. It gave me the opportunity to learn/practice new techniques and meet some amazingly lovely people. I’d like to thank […]

The Sacred Intimacy

I have been surfing your site for a while and it speaks loads to me. Your whole approach to sex, body, spirit and most of all, as a man who seems complete is refreshing. I […]

The Big Gong ?

https://www.meetup.com/BIG-LINGAM-TANTRA-LONDON/events/249551033/ Sound to induce a meditative state combined with a slower than slow sensual penis massages to induce a magickal state of euphoria. Intense relaxation and a Zen Lingam that soothes your Mind Body and […]

Gay Tantra My Arse!

For me gay tantra london is a dream, in which what I want to happen, happens… This sensual dream has brought two things to my life that I never thought was possible, happiness and intimacy […]

Celtic Tantra Men Only

Celtic Tantra teaches that your sexuality is an enigma. Celtic Tantra teaches that your sexuality has three energy sources, root, heart and spirit, i am, i love, i understand. There is none of that fuckn […]

Revolution Lingam Massage London

While most Lingam Massage Workshops and even books are full of philosophy and low on actual techniques, our A-Z of Lingam Massage is the complete opposite. Our A-Z of Lingam Massage Workshop is the most […]

Loved Tantric Massage

Hello Seb, I am interested in your workshop on the 20th January. I read the description, and I was wondering if it is only penis massage or if it involves other body parts? I had […]

Review – Lingam Massage Class London

Hi Seb, What I found wonderful at the lingam massage class, last week, was not only the opportunity to learn and practice body and intense cock massage but the deep bond the three of us developed […]

The 4-Hands Lingam Massage) Class

An opportunity to practice, revise or develop your 4 hands massaging skills. It doesn’t matter if you are experienced or an absolute beginner. In the class we will discuss the basic techniques and give some […]

Reiki-style rosebud massage workshop 7/10/17

Discover your deepest relaxation with Reiki-style rosebud massage and Meditation. This class is open to men of all sexual orientations. After our undressing ritual we will practice a very easy to learn anal breathing meditation. Then […]

Male G-spot : From Dillon Toyne, Purr Magazine 1999

Many years ago, long before your average Johnny even knew he possessed a prostate, I was busy lifting the veil of secrecy surrounding the male g-spot. Once again, several years on, I find myself attempting […]

edible massage lotion recipe

As a professional masseur I prefers to use lotion rather than just oil. The problem with nearly all commercial lotions is that they contains a preservative called phenoxyethanol, which many people are allergic to. So […]

Erotic Mindfulness Penis Meditation

There are some academics that say that mindfulness only works for women. I want to show you that they are absolutely wrong. Mindfulness ‘only works for women’ https://t.co/kZ3jz4TsZR — seb cox (@sebcox) May 18, 2017 Erotic […]

Straight Men Love Big Dicks

There is something about big dicks that get to the very core of masculinity, but we never really discuss that do we?

Big Lingam) Tantra

Big Lingam) Tantra, with trust, truth and respect. We meet regularly in Central London. Click here to join us. Big Lingam) Tantra as a guiding direction, an inspirational source of infinite arousal. What I love about Big […]

4 (Lingam Massage) Class

An opportunity to practice, revise or develop your massaging skills. It doesn’t matter if you are experienced or an absolute beginner. In the class we will discuss the basic techniques and give some great hints […]

my state of mind and body arousal.

Mon 13/02, 21:37 : You always ask what I would like to achieve in our sessions so I have given it some thought and jotted down my erotic bucket list (in no particular order) some of […]

The m-ASS-age Class

This class is open to men of all sexual orientations. At the beginning of this ritual we will practice a very easy to learn anal breathing meditation. Then Mr Cox will demonstrate the 8 basic […]

How to Give your Husband a Gay Tantra Massage

Before you give your husband a gay tantra massage, find a quiet space where you can lie down and close your eyes. Gently hum OM(pronounced AUM, as in BUM) and become aware of your breathing. […]

Part time naturist work available.

Part time naturist male massage work available. Earn £75 + per hour. Choose your own hours. Work from home, or travel. Suitable for men with an interest in male massage. One off investment £75. Become […]


Hi Seb, I have been checking out your website for a long time, well-done mate. I am looking for a MALE MASSAGE professional who can help me deal with my dick’s self-love and an unfulfilled […]

heterosexual stimulation

Hello Seb, Thanks for your newsletter. Was good to hear from you and find out a bit about what you’ve been up to, so long after I came down to visit. See, I came to you […]

gay bi or str8 ?

If anyone has the bollox to ask me about my sexuality, I always reply that the only thing they need to know about my sexuality is that I’m fucking excellent. That I am extraordinarily good, […]

bi-sexual love women

I’m bi-sexual, love women, love to make love to them, feel life with them, BUT, when it comes to really, really wanting to feel fulfilled, I need a masculine man and his beautiful cock to […]

a cure 4 porn addiction

There is a whole new industry developing at the moment. It’s an industry that is telling men that they are becoming addicted to porn. It’s an industry of frustrated therapies and therapists. They would like […]

The History of Gay Male Massage in London

Although no one has ever defined exactly what it means “Gay Male Massage” has become a worldwide phenomenon. Just go to google and type in gay male followed by the most unlikely place in the […]

tantric massage training Mumbai, India

Hi there, Do u have any contact in Mumbai, India who can provide me tantric massage training or can provide me tantric massage. Thanks, hello, these people are amazing.

public male nudity near London

I am wanting to know of Non-sexual turkish bath, bath house, public baths, public nude swimming in London, UK. I am not looking for gay saunas. What I AM specifically looking for is places where […]

MAR Lá fhéile pádraig sona daoibh

In ancient Gaelic tradition warriors would massage each other’s “buddy” to prepare for battle. In the 5th Century St Patrick came to Ireland and soon put a stop to all that “tantrick carry on”. Buddy […]

The Rosebud Class

About a year ago I got a message from a young woman, who wanted to learn how to pleasure her man in as many ways as she could. She was trying to find someone here […]

Instructions for Prostate Massage Therapy

Every woman should know exactly what her husband’s prostate feels like and she should check it at least once a week. Make sure you have very short nails if you are going to use your […]

The Three Circle Ritual London

You are invited to celebrate masculinity in a circle of naked men for erotic practice and energetic pleasure. We will explore new ways to generate erotic energy. We begin with the Loving Kindness Meditation Self […]

5 Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels

Optimize Your Vitamin D Levels. Research shows that obese men who were given vitamin D supplements had a significant increase in testosterone levels after one year. Consume Plenty of Zinc by monthly Feasting on Olives and […]

4 Hand Tantric Male Massage Party London

4 Hand Tantric Male Massage Party Sunday 5th April. Men minding men, men massaging men, men celebrating the magick of masculinity. Expect to be touched, relaxed and inspired.  This is not a class, rather an opportunity […]

Niacin’s Orgasmic Benefits

Niacin (also known as vitamin B3, nicotinic acid and vitamin PP is an organic compound with the formula C6H5NO2(not to be confused with C22H30N6O4Sd which is probably the chemical formula for Viagra) is one of […]

The (t)HUG Club : Gay Cuddle Group London

Naked Hugs & Sacred Tugs Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017, 6:15 PM 13 almighty members Went Check out this Meetup → At the Tantric Hug Club (t-HUG) we use two different methods to support you connecting […]

Coach London

Hi Seb, Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing massage and also how nice it was to meet you. I slept like a baby and had such a deep sleep after the massage. Still […]

successful 4 hand tantric massage

(4-Hands Lingam Massage) Wednesday, Aug 30, 2017, 7:00 PM 16 almighty members Went Check out this Meetup → Erotic Tantric Four Hands Male Massage by Julian and Peter Men From Switzerland. Please leave a reply […]

1 step beyond the 3 cirlce ritual

1 step beyond the 3 cirlce ritual is a celtic(trust truth respect) ritual for gay bisexual and str8 men only in London. Having been the first, and most experienced to facilitate the 3 Cirlcle Ritual […]

Karsai Nei Tsang Workshop

Karsai Nei Tsang Massage Workshop for Men, Sunday, December 20, 2015, 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM. Private location in Central London. Donation £33. An invitation to celebrate masculine touch. An opportunity to practice, revise or […]

how to use a pantra man massager

Hello God, Please note the pantra man massager was a limited edition. They were all sold years ago. I think it has changed how the big sex toy companys design sex toys for men, and it […]

good heart and an interested mind

I have a good heart, and an interested mind. At the same time I am aware that I must remain conscious that my spirituality expands and will one day make contact with the entire universe. While […]

How to Tantric Massage My Husband?

Hello Mr Cox, Just wondering if you can help me, I would like to learn how to properly tantric massage my husband. Can you offer any advice? I look forward to hearing from you. Wendy […]


The most important thing is that you must be chill-axed. Put on your favourite JAZZ, take a nice hot bath, after which you should continue to relax yourself by dancing around to the music. Remember […]

Cock Dialogues – Class 3

Following the success of the Jade Dragon and 10 New Manhood Massage techniques workshops I have decided to create a series of nine lingam massage classes. This is lesson 3. Each class is separate and […]

learn erotic massage online

learn erotic massage online with joseph kramer. learn erotic massage online with joseph kramer More info Click here More info Click here More info Click here