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Slow Gentle Rosebud Anal Massage in London. Experience the revolution, the deepest relaxation of your life, a very sensual male massage in London with Mr Cox, 07974 805666 or email  


A big strong mature male masseur deeply kneading your fantastic cheeks, as the base of my hands slide up and down your throbbing perineum, gradually arriving at your sacred spot, your rosebud, massaging, touching, feeling, handling, holding, lightly manipulating your rosebud. External anal massage is an amazing form of male massage. Each stroke offers a different sensation. Each wakes up different tissues and stimulates different nerve endings. Mr Cox is a good man, a shaman, a man who lives on the very edge of this world, in order to be closer to the other worlds. He offers all men, regardless of sexual orientation or sexual history, the opportunity to discover the spiritual power of their rosebud. Discover the deepest relaxation of your life with external anal massage and Meditation. Relax your arse and your mind, body and spirit will follow. At the beginning of this ritual we will practice a very easy to learn anal breathing meditation. Most of the men who come for a my anal male massage are heterosexual. It simply an opportunity to relax and enjoy touch without feeling you have to perform. My sessions last about 90 minutes  My fee is £121. Based in Central London, 10 minutes by bus from Tottenham Court Road W1. To make an appointment call Mr Cox on 07974 805666 or email

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A man on a mission to mission to provide high quality, truly amazing anal male massage. These anal therapies are specifically tailored and blended for curious, straight, bisexual, married, attached and single open-minded, adventurous men. Slow Gentle Anal Rosebud Massage London. Discover the deepest relaxation of your life. Experience the revolution, the deepest relaxation of your life. Slow Gentle Rosebud Anal Massage is an amazing form of male massage in London. Mr Cox on 07974 805666


The comment that I had a real man’s arse was perhaps the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.  I will practice what you taught me – the breathing exercises.  I loved being hugged, hugging you, appreciating you – that was so erotic and comforting.  Would like to meet you again in February and will be in touch nearer the time. huggggs 4 u. Pete

“Great massage, great hot bath. You are a bit like a shaman you know, a magick man, in the oldest sense.  You reach into the other world, the other hidden side of men, and pull out parts of themselves they hide away or don`t even know about. A shaman, as you probably know is someone who lives on the end of the real world in order to be closer to all the other types of worlds, who helps people find what they have lost. You said you are comfortable with the darker side of yourself and that is a great ability, most of us hide it away. Perhaps you help men reclaim that a little, and sticking your finger up their arses is a great way to get people to let go of their tightness!! Thanks for the gentle shove back into life. With respect and thanks.” M. London

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I have enjoyed reading your website. Like many, I guess, I sit somewhere along the spectrum of gay/straight which is neither one nor the other. That said, to every outward observer I am pretty well 100% straight. But curious to say the very least. I would like to try to achieve the anal orgasm, and while I have no objection to some form of insertion I really don’t like the idea of it being a penis! Can you show me how to get it right? and, if so, where are you in London and how do we take it from here? Best wishes

Hello, In relation to anal orgasm I can certainly point you in the right direction. I am convinced the best way to experience anal pleasures, is not with a cock in your arse, butt rather my gently loving touch. Having a cock in your arse is more about a feeling of “fullness”, it’s more of a psychosocial thing. I can show you the skills you need to be able to relax your arse. How you choose to use these skills, is entirely up to you. I totally respect your limits. I am based close to the Angel tube station in Islington, Central  London. If you would like to make an appointment let me know the date and time aad we can organise it by email, best wishes,


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  1. Hi great website Wonder if you offer a full sexual experience for my first time ? I’m looking for my first full experience with a man ie full penetrative sex. I appreciate this may hurt so I am seeking an experienced well informed man to show me the way, Thanks

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