Hello Mr Cox, Just wondering if you can help me, I would like to learn how to properly tantric massage my husband. Can you offer any advice? I look forward to hearing from you. Wendy


Find a quite space where you can lie down and close your eyes. Gently hum OM(pronounced AUM, as in BUM) and become aware of your breathing. Big deep breaths. As you touch yourself(clit), imagine the massage you want to give your husband, spend lots of time imaging how you would massage his cock, and spread that energy around his body. Think of a name for the different techniques/strokes. For inspiration click here. Buy one tantric massage book. There are thousands available. I think they are valuable as something to casually leave lying around for your husband to see rather than for their content. I personally recommend ”Tantric Massage – The Erotic Touch of Love, by Ray Stubbs”. The reason I recommend this one is that you can buy it from amazon for £0.01, which I think is the value of all the books content put together. Prepare a sacred space for your massage. Use lots of candles, and aromas. prepare some goodies to eat and drink during your ritual. Some fruit, maybe chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. The most important thing is that you must be relaxed and see yourself as a tantric sex goddess. Make sure you have very short nails. Put on your favourite CD, take a nice hot bath, after which you should continue to relax yourself by dancing with your clit, to the deep bass vibrating music, sipping champagne as you gently moistening yourself.

Start the ritual by undressing your husband. Very slowly touch every inch of his body, from head to toe. Tell him how much you love him and how sexy he is. Kiss his cock through his underwear and tell him how you adore his magnificent cock. When he is undressed lie him on his back on a bed or massage bench. Cover him with a sheet. Begin to gently massage his head as you whisper your most sexual desires and fantasies to him. Gradually work up and down his body touching him through the sheet. After about 10 minutes sexily remove the sheet. Anoint him with lots of warm oil. gradually move around his body from head to toe, regularly coming teasingly close to his fattening cock. after about 10 or 15 minutes slowly move down and touch his cock very very gently.Whisper to him how much you love his cock. As you slowly start to remember the massage techniques you meditated about earlier. Pay attention to how he react to your different techniques. Encourage him to make some noise, and breath deeply. Use that as a tantric guide.

Tantric philosophy suggests that we have series of 7 energy zone taking energy from the earth and vibrating through our bodies to release energy to the spiritual world. When you have massaged his cock for about 8.1 minutes continue to massage his beauty with the very tips of your finger of the hand you dont write with. Use that hand to tickle a point between his ass and balls, his root chakra, his connection to mother earth. Gradually move to a point just above his cock and tickle his sex chakra, where all his godness comes from. Move along to his belly button, this is where he deals with fear, touch assist him to realize that, he can deal with fear, that in fact he is a warrior. Gently scratch from his belly button up to his heart chakra, a point between his nipples, because that his where his loving kindness comes from. gently touch his throat, chakra, thats is communication to you is. Sensually kiss his throat as you move your tantric finger to a point between his two eyebrows, his third eye, his sacred wisdom. massage his skull with the tips of your fingers, this is his crown chakra, his connect to the universe, the spiritual world. In your own time bring the energy from the universe down, through his third eye, through his throat chakra, his heart chakra, belly sex and root chakra. Welcome to the wonderful world of lingam massage. You should then very casually make your way towards the sacred spot.


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