HaPenis New Year – Dance & Massage Into 2020

Tuesday, Dec 31, 2019, 10:00 PM

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You are invited to celebrate masculinity in a circle of naked men for erotic practice and energetic pleasure. We will explore new ways to generate erotic energy.

We begin with the Loving Kindness Meditation Self Undressing Ritual. The Three Circle Ritual begins with an opportunity to demonstrate your favourite lingam massage techniques of pleasure. Slow, sexy tunes, chill-axed beats culminating in an opportunity to practice our Solo Big Draw Technique. The evening will conclude with an optional opportunity to give and receive an erotic massage. There are a few free places for erotic dance performers

About the Three Circle Ritual

This ritual begins and ends in silence. The Earth Circle or outer circle is for sacred witnesses. You sit quietly meditating while observing the inner cycles. The Sky Circle or middle circle is for awakening. You simply stand in front of where you were sitting. Here you can gently move or dance, breathe, dance, stroke and massage yourself. This is your exclusive space for awakening. The Sun Circle, inner circle, or Heart Fire Circle. Here you celebrate and dance with each other – joyful intimacy with depth, honesty, vulnerability, playfulness, and most importantly respect, while you are hugged, massaged, and spiritually cuddled. During the Three Circles Ritual you can dance from one circle to the next as often as you want. At least one man will remain in the Earth Circle for the entire celebration. This is your erotic practice – an opportunity to celebrate yourself. We will practice and practice edging ourselves to an even deeper state of profound pleasure and joy.

About the facilitator

Seb Cox is a Mature Male Masseur in Central London. He has more than 20 years experience. Individual private bodywork massage with Mr. Cox are also available. More information available on his website www.CUMM.co.uk. His other experiences include, sex toy designer(Nexus), sex worker of the year(Erotic Awards London 2003). He is the founder of the Brotherhood of Pleasure.



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  1. I’m straight but curious about analysis stimulation. Would you ever penetrate with your cock if it led to that?

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