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Loved Tantric Massage

Hello Seb, I am interested in your workshop on the 20th January. I read the description, and I was wondering if it is only penis massage or if it involves other body parts? I had a tantric massage some time ago, and I really loved it. I realise it would focus on genital, but I was wondering if it would also include anything else. Many thanks in advance for your time. E

Hello Mr E., We begin with an very slow and sensual undressing ritual. Then there is a demonstration of the HaPenis Massage. This massage is based on my belief that all a man’s haPenis comes from his penis. So using very gentle strokes to bless the penis(shishna) and we take that energy from head to toe around the man’s body. You then choose a partner to both give and receive the massage. Before you begin to give the massage you have to ask the man two very important questions. Is there any part of his body he doesn’t want to be included in the massage, and most importantly how does he want his Hapenis massage. So it’s the man getting the massage who decides what he would like during his celebration.  I do hope you come, I think you will be amazing

The HaPenis Massage

Sunday, Jan 20, 2019, 5:00 PM

3 almighty members Attending

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