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The man is encouraged to masturbate alone. He is left in private to masturbate with dry hands. The man is encouraged to masturbate almost to the point of ejaculation and then stop.  He should repeat this at least 7 times. He is then joined by the mature erotic masseur 2 ejaculation coach. The tantric master craftsman  will demonstrate the 26 techniques from the A-Z of Lingam Massage. The 26 basic strokes that every man should know. Each stroke offers a different sensation. Each wakes up different tissues and stimulates different nerve endings. After each technique is practiced on the man, there will be an opportunity for him to practice that technique on himself.

Comments from men who have previously attended

Excellent, informative, good to have hands on practice. John

Fantastic afternoon. Relaxed and comfortable. Learned a lot and practiced what we learned. Thank you. Mike

“I am a qualified masseur, who had for years been unsure of which direction to go with this. He encouraged me to go forward with my ideas. I am now gradually and confidently building up a successful business”. Alan

He’s a genuine, Modern-Day Wizard. Certainly, a very powerful Man. Sometimes, you need the right spark of energy from someone to encourage you. He has enabled me to ‘take flight’. For this, I owe him a great debt of gratitude. With Sincerest, and most enormous thanks, Steve B x 06/05/2013

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