revolutionise my sexuality

ram mature cockMaybe its more than just a coincidence that i found your website when it seems it may lead me to find what i’ve been searching for.  I have always believed that through sex i could experience a spiritual high that would touch, stroke my soul. You wrote about touching your soul via your hole and i knew that maybe i had found someone who could understand me. Someone who could help me revolutionise my sexuality and sex life. I long to experience a spiritual orgasm. As i read your description of the prostate massage i longed to experience the emotional release that it can give.  Its intensity physically and emotionally. I believe it may help me develope, grow. I feel i have hit a brick wall regarding my sexual and so pyschological development. I have entered a period where my labido is low and when i do climax it is always too quick and insigificant. When i cum it is  merely release of tension – very frustrating when i know there is so much more but ignorant of how to get it. I began writing this to express an interest in learning more about the group weekends but i found i had something else to say. I am twenty eight on March the first and planning in my head to book you for a massage for that day or there abouts. I’m not well off so the week end would not be for a few months so i can save. Please send me details and your booking availibility.  Thank you, your website is very special.


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