Prostate Awareness

Prostate Awareness

Prostate Awareness Health Checklist. Please be aware of the quality of your ejaculation and the quantity of your semen. There are five important factors to look out for.

manchester-massage-maleEjaculation strength. If your spunk is not being shot out as it used to be, there is a possibility that the prostate is functioning butt, weak.

The Quantity, If you are continuously ejaculation a smaller amount of spunk than you used to that could indicate, digestive or prostate problems. About one tablespoon of spunk is considered to be average.

Taste & Smell : Semen should taste like vitamin B, sweet milk like. Too sweet may be due to you drinking too much milk. Bitter taste could be an indicator of high levels of toxins in your body. A bad smell(dead fish) after ejaculation the following morning could indicate that you are drinking too much alcohol, or suffering from stress.

If the force of your ejaculation is not as strong as it used to be could indication of a problem with your adrenal gland, kidneys or your bones(arthritis)

Can’t get Erection or Ejaculation. Could indicate an “energy” problem. Blood energy, nerve energy, muscle energy and bone energy combine to give you an erection.

Prostate Awareness

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