Your lingam has a mind of its own. I slowly awaken and bless each millimetre. I simultaneously tickle your perineum while whispering to your  balls. This raises the energy through your whole body. This enables a connection to greater pleasure. I then take you on a sensual journey, as you simply breathe and enjoy a kind of “out of body experience. Strong experienced attentive hot masculine hands offer the Big Lingam A-Z Massage and Blessing Ritual in Central London. This massage is a slow respectful full body tantrick celebration for men in London. The blessing are from the sacred Shishna Blessings, working with a series of 7 energy zone in your lingam, and the massage strokes are from The A-Z of Lingam Massage bi/ Mr Cox. The session includes an hour on the massage table. I use pure coconut oil mixed with cacao butter. I touch everywhere you want me to touch. That can be discussed before the massage begins. The ritual is a slow, I mean really slow, sensual edge to a juddering orgasm and ejaculation. Many men say it is their best ever. If you wanted to come 2-3 times you would need to book a double session. Book your slow, respectful, Lingam Massage London now please call Seb Cox on 07974 805666 or email

A kind of “out of body experience”

Gentle Lingam Massage and Meditation, repeated perineum tickling until your rosebud appears. During the ritual I anoint the entire shaft of your magnificent cock with warm oil to help make the actions easier and smoother. Experience the pleasure and relaxation of the best lingam massage in London from a mature, masculine, masseur who has an exceptional touch and extraordinary lingam massage techniques. This intimate touch can really heighten your experience. Awaken to a liberated sexuality- a spiritual honesty that allowed your lingam some loving touch. Based in Central London, 10 minutes by bus from Tottenham Court Road, and New Oxford Street. Book your Lingam Massage London now please call Seb Cox on 07974 805666 or email

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What makes My Lingam Massage London unique is that it is actually based on tantric philosophy

In ancient tantric philosophy, all of a man’s goodness comes from his lingam(penis). So the massage involves very relaxed breathing and slow awakening of the lingam to create a magickal energy that we circulate to certain sacred points(called chakras) in your body. What i like about tantra, is it’s simplicity. I simply touch with an intention to make you feel amazing. What makes My Lingam Massage London unique is that it is actually based on tantric philosophy. The orgasm resulting from lingam stimulation in conjunction with root chakra manipulation is a very famous tantrick blessing (trick). Amazing in the degree of intensity. The “after-glow” is something akin to a feeling of being in heaven. One step beyond a happy ending, as you shudder from inner spine outwards. Shishna Blessings, the most tantric Lingam Massage London, works with a series of 7 energy zone in your lingam.

gently vibrate your lingam’s sex chakra

The blessing begins with a very light massage with my fingertips, culminating in a light tickling of a point between your arse and balls, your lingam’s root chakra. I gradually move to a point just above your balls and gently vibrate your lingam’s sex chakra, where all your goodness comes from.Moving slowly along to the lingam;s belly, this is where he deals with fear, Gently moving your tantric energy up through the heart chakra, throat chakra, to a point just below your frenulum, your third eye, this sacred wisdom point is gently vibrating into a lingam cuddle, using the palm of my hand to hug the lingam’s crown chakra his connect to the universe, the spiritual world. In your own time I bring the energy from the universe down, through his third eye, through his throat chakra, his heart chakra, belly sex and root chakra. Welcome to the wonderful world of lingam massage. 

Who has the best Lingam Massage Reviews In the City of London?

Hi Seb, I have had both a lingham and a rosebud massage from you previously and in addition to experience the most deep and profound orgasms during the session, was filled with increased energy and awareness for days afterward. Much love,

G on Feb 10 2018. 14:43am

Have been to Seb and discovered a new world of senses and feels. I was extremely relaxed and totally abandoned to all the feelings around me.


Thanks again for last night Seb. I’m still getting hard thinking how you massaged e. Best orgasm ever!

Marc 16/07/15

Hi Seb, Now back home but still on cloud 9 thanks to you. Since my initiation into Tantra in your expert hands on Tuesday I have been walking on air. That really was an experience the like of which I have never experienced before. I am going to practice the techniques you taught me so that next time will be even more earth moving. During our session I literally thought I was going to explode due to the intense sensations you aroused in me!! You truly are a good, kind, considerate, understanding, nurturing and friendly person. A gentle man.

Stephen On 14th June 2011.

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  1. Seb I definitely need this one day. In the video can a man have an anal orgasm what was he using ? Seemed like some sort of pulsating device. Do you know anyone in the USA that gives these types of massages? I’m in the Dallas TX area.

  2. I have been aware of Seb’s site and his skills for some years and finally had the opportunity to undertake a meeting. Seb is so warm and welcoming and open as soon as you see him and puts you at ease instantly. Apart from anything else he just gets it and you know that you can just finally open up to a male masseur about the true energy you want out of a session. You can totally put your trust in him and be frank with him and the experience becomes something so much bigger than anything you experienced before. It was total bliss and I look forward to being ever more honest and open and just flying away with the experience. Thank you Seb for a great birthday present to myself. Lucky me!

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