gay bi or str8 ?

If anyone has the bollox to ask me about my sexuality, I always reply that the only thing they need to know about my sexuality is that I’m fucking excellent. That I am extraordinarily good, at fucking. In fact I am so good, that I misspend my youth doing it professionally. Listen m8, there are only 3 things that you can be 100%. Honest, living and dead. Everything else is relative to that, even your sexuality. We have no culturally approved scripts for life; we pretty much need to write our own. To write your own script requires a lot of effort and a lot of bollox, and is the kind of hard work that brings just rewards, eventually. You might find the right way for you, and three years latter decide you want to live a different way. You write the script, you get to make the choices, and you get to change your fucking mind. “People who try to enquire about other people’s sexuality are in fact enquiring about their own sexuality” Seb Cox


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  1. Wicked site, great info and wonderfully open. It’s so good to see the lines between gay and straight being blurred in the same way as it seems to be for women. The women’s mags are full of “my first same sex experience” and how to have it, how long will it be before we see this in GQ ?

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