1st Male Massage

Thinking about having your first male massage in London and wondering what actually happens during a sensual male massage. I am the most experienced masseur in London and will BE HAPPY to encourage and guide you.

Male Massage

There is touch and nothing besides touch to make a connection. A simple touch with my big manly warm hands on your back as I encouraged you to simply breathe deeply and slowly. Using deeply relaxing strokes, mixed with light masculine touch I slowly massage you as you become aware of my physical proximity. You may feel my fat cock brushing against your arm as I lean over you, and later as I moved to caress your buttocks. You may feel my cock touch against your hand and instinctively want to  close your fingers around it and feel it harden, mirroring your own reaction. So many new first time experiences: exposing your naked body having another man touch your most intimate parts; feeling another man becoming aroused. If you haven’t experienced the loving erotic touch of another man, maybe, you have never even seen another man fully unclothed, and yet a visit to an all male masseur is something you have been thinking about. Do you want to be accepted, unclothed, your naked self? Experience an awakening, a deeply nurturing massage by another man. Have you enjoyed being nude in the company of other men, and maybe, desiring to have physical contact with a man. Does it seem that male massage would be a potentially safe route to go? Why not book a celebration session and take an afternoon off work to ensure that you ar relaxed and free from time pressure. You will feel the excitement and maybe even arousal from the moment you make the appointment. After years of striving to give pleasure in the straight sexual world, isn’t it your turn to be nurtured.


Hello Seb. Just to tell you that I felt you were very genuine. The massage was amazing and I liked the discussion we had. Have a good night, D 02/10/16

Hi Seb, Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing massage and also how nice it was to meet you. I slept like a baby and had such a deep sleep after the massage. Still can’t believe I came like a teenager! Thanks for making me feel so young! Take care and thank you. Mitch 12/01/17

Seb – Thank you again for seeing me this afternoon and for your very helpful and wise “comments”. I felt so very relaxed and at ease with you even though it was our first meeting and thoroughly enjoyed my 1st male massage, indeed I haven’t felt so good for as long as I can remember. D on 02/07/2016

Many thanks for the time I spent with you last week. I was a bit anxious before we started, but you quickly put me at my ease, keen to learn about what I might like. I had an incredible experience, the most sensual and erotic of my life! An extended intimate massage with warm oil, hugs, followed by a hot bath and even a cup of tea; a truly perfect time. And as some of your other commentators have said, the feel-good buzz lasted for days. I’m already looking forward to the next session, and planning what I’d like to explore. Oh, and I must make time to do that ‘homework’ you set me Seb, you’re a fantastic bloke, I’m glad to have met you and I will see you again soon. Hugs, Ted, Oct 2011

Male Massage in London with Mr. Cox.  Your 1st Male Massage London, with an intention of excellence, and an eventual feeling of deep ejaculation and spiritual calmness. I will gently lay you face down on the most comfortable massage table, and cover you with a sheet, to make you feel secure. – 07974 805666. To read my male massage testimonials, click here


If you have any questions or comments about your first male massage in London please leave a reply below

The magick of a man’s touch, guiding you to a sensual celebration of yourself.  Your Male Massage Celebrations in Central London (EC1) last about 90 minutes. I want every man to experience the amazing sensations that occur when he is massaged with loving masculine kindness. Pleas take a few moments to read my amazing massage reviews.  Mature Male Massage London, 10 minutes by bus from Tottenham Court Road, and New Oxford Street. Mr Cox – 07974 805666

14 thoughts on “1st Male Massage

  1. Like ‘A’ my reactions to your first massage comments are similar. I am a bisexual virgin who last fondled another’s cock was at the end of my school days – many moons ago. The pleasure off stimulating a responding, living conductor to another’s most intimate, uncontrollable desires has never been forgotten, in spite of a few decades of heterosexual constraints. I need to revisit that heaven.

  2. Hi Seb.
    I’m very curious about my first male massage. Having read your first time section I find myself feeling incredibly aroused. The thought of your fat cock brushing against my hand as you massage by buttocks drives me wild. I’ve always been curious about seeing, touching and enjoying another mans cock. I was wandering if you’d allow me to kiss your cock too? Please get back to me soon.

  3. I’ve read quite a bit on your site and it all sounds so exciting, yet somehow comforting. I am married, mid thirties, British and consider myself straight but have become very “curious” over time to experience a male massage and some level of physical intimacy with a man. I have zero experience but would love to see another cock close up, to experience touching one as well as having mine touched. I love the idea of a bath before to help relax as well. I will be on London sometime in the next 2 weeks and although I’m shy and body conscious, your site has me seriously thinking about booking a 1st time massage.

  4. Hello Bora, I love to be touched and my cock held as I give the massage. I find it very nourishing, I do not offer penetration, as I use oil for the massage, Seb

  5. Seb, the effect of the hot oil you poured on my stomach was fantastic and helped tremendously in opening up something deeper than is usually touched. It was so wonderful to go on and on stroking my cock, and being able to enjoy the sensation so slowly building up – and then when I finally released, there was much more than usual – and the relaxed sense of peace that followed was remarkable! In fact, I was so relaxed that I dozed on the train and went past my stop! But that inner relaxation is still with me and when I phoned my wife from the train I felt so naturally peaceful and at ease with her – and that is just great.

  6. You are very handsome.

    when you wrote that touch is the house of God and you invite us to go in

    I imagine that you have holy hands and I would enjoy so much to feel your holy hands on my butt.

    to open my holy hole and play with my rosebud Louis

  7. just reading your explanation is very exiting
    I will be in London end of may I will try to contact you Louis

  8. Hi,
    I am foreigner in London to improve my English. I am new in London.
    I really wonder your massage.
    I touch a mans’ cock 15 years ago. It was amasing. I missed so much this sensation. I want a man’s penis to come inside of me gently and lovely.
    But I need help to warm up I am worried.

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