The Mature Masseur London offers a sensual massage experience for men in Central London

Gay, bi and straight men welcome. Great music and a comfortable massage table are available to support your experience. This friendly, relaxed, calm Mature Masseur London explores the erotic rewards of masculine touch. During your celebration massage you can experience a sensual combination of complete and repeated genital massage.

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The Mature Masseur London : What to Expect

Before your massage there will be an opportunity to discuss with The Mature Masseur London aboutd like from your session. Below are some suggestion about what you might like to include.

  • Arousal that can take you to new levels
  • Perineum Awakening Massage
  • Gentle Rosebud Muscle Manipulation
  • Anal Lips Massage
  • 18 different prostate massage strokes
  • Deep Prostatic Vibrational Pleasure
  • JADE DRAGON Manhood Massage
  • cock chakra reflexology
  • Repeated Edging
  • sex magick
  • erotic breathing rhythms
  • prolonging orgasm
  • Slow sensual full body pleasure
  • conscious ejaculation
  • extreme spiritual orgasm

Mature Male Massages in City of London

With more than 20 years of experience I am a 10 to 15 walk from the following tube stations the Angel, Old Street, Kings Cross St Pancras, Barbican, Farrington, Chancery Lane or a 10 minutes bus ride from Tottenham Court Road and New Oxford Street. Gay Bisexual and straight men all welcome. Call Mr Cox on 07974 805666 or email

Prostate Massage London Best Reviews

The Mature Male Masseur London is Lead Masseur at the HaPenis Project.

The HaPenis Project is based on the belief that Your Penis has 5 virtues, Kindness, Righteousness, Courteousness, Wisdom & Honesty. Our men only penis massage classes are unique. HaPenis Massage from your head to your toes and every inch in between with the intention of improving penis pleasure, for total well being and all-over physical and mental health. We will encourage you to awaken the warrior within, the creative energy, the magickal powers, and the artistic qualities within your mind body and soul. A very sacred meetup group for all god’s men, We invite gay bisexual straight men over 21 years of age to to come together and learn, grow and discover that we are all the same, God.

The Art of HaPenis

London, GB
3,612 almighty members

Apart from our bi-monthly online Erotic HaPenis Art Exhibitions, we also run the most amazing men only nude manhood massage classes in London, most famous for our pioneering A…

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