Not to be rushed. It’s should be starting with simple touching the area around it to build an arousal and the gently slowly and starting with massaging the parts around the sack and working the way up and ending up with edging

I prefer when someone takes their time instead of rushing the gestures. My head gets sensitive and often guys put too much pressure on it.

Ego with supportive, caring, affirming words. Body and cock with with gentle well oiled strokes. One hand at the base of my cock another using variety of strokes, alternating between one direction and back and forth.

Gently and slowly, alternating the hands between the penis and the balls and also underneath them as it is a very sensitive area

I like it to be done slowly and that the whole shaft is massaged. My glans must be massaged carefully since it is very sensitive. I also like my balls to be massaged.

I like it to be slow, teasing, edging, brought to point of ecstasy then denied before finally being allowed to let it happen. I love to share that with others and be watched while just losing it…

I love strong hands rubbing me over and exploring my inner thighs and squeezing my arse cheeks. I love to be fingered and then have my member stroked as I am being finger fucked. Love four hand massages or more to take control of my body.

I love to have my manhood massaged in a variety of ways — slowly, fast, lightly touched, kissed or engorged. I love doing the same for my male partners too!

Patient slow strokes, connecting with the rest of my body, nipples, balls, hair, feet. Everlasting sensuality

Teased around the area at first, with much bum and crack exploration, then slowly and firmly from the balls to my circumcised head. Wherever and whatever, just slowly and firmly.

Varying speeds, nicely lubricated, intense, build it up to the climax prefer with a cock ring on.

It starts with a good, complete talk about the ideal massage that is perfectly relaxing and gentle in touch. Naturally, men have countless ideas and methods of pleasure for their manhood; skills acquired with self-pleasue and self-love.

I love sensual massages and slow and relaxing cock massages. Slow and easy for all involved is vital. I adore sexy men and love getting a good cock massage

By one who is intimately interested in touch with long strokes and sometimes using lube although not required as I prefer my natural lube.

slowly and gently with no lubrication. touching every inch with fingers, thumbs, one hand, both, mouth.

Oiled/ feathered / caressed gently / all the above with latex gloves on adore body contact using oils and lotions

gentle fondling then firmer as hardens then shaft to tip of my cut lingam. Then firm but not tight handling and maybe frottage with another lingam.

Strokes upward, and downward just touching the edge of the head with a turning motion of the wrist.

I like it massaged slowly, with sporadic gliding over the gland. I like it teased rather than pumped. I also like my balls manipulated, as well as the surrounding area.

It varies depending on what I’m feel in that moment, and who’s doing it. I like to have the head of my ‘manhood’ played with, and long hard strokes which hit my balls

I don’t like putting restrictions on myself or others. Better to have an open mind and be ready for all kinds of touch and all body types, shapes and sizes.

The massage needs to be smooth and slow. It has to be sensational and very relaxing. I don’t like too much pressure or rush. I prefer back massage, legs, chest and face.

Slowly at the beginning with increasing strength as well as speed of strokes. A variety of moves including spiral massage and short strokes on the head too

in 2014, I lost my left testicle and because of this my sex drive went down. As a gay man the penis and the balls an important area. I like my manhood massage with baby oil which can give me a little bit of sensation. I would like to find out more!

I would like to have my manhood massaged very slowly and gently to start – caressing, stroking the shaft and balls being played with.

With mutual love and tenderness both to me and from me to spread the energy both in myself and in the other(s) in a form of physical meditation.

with great care and strength, lovingly and carefully so as not to cum to soon

Love when it’s touched slowly all over. From under my balls all the way to my tip. Gets a bit precummy then

Have never had it done, but would love to learn. I would want it to be slow and caressing. Time is taken to build up energy and hold it there for as long as possible.

Kind, sentimental,positive, Slowly, by an nice, sweet lady!

Anyway that would be able to release my inner person and make me full of energy and knowledge of my body

well, this would be my first time so I’m just going to go with the flow. But I have an open mind and I’m up for new experiences

Slow and long, with love!

slowly and gently,with a soft touch finger tips

Slowly and sensuously and lovingly with a good almond or grape seed based massage oil.

tenderly, with plenty of love and a dose of the unexpected

Slowly massaged from top to bottom in a bit of circular motion

With gentle touches at the start to stimulate especially around the tip, then more sturdier movements. I love lube too. Great invention!

i love subtle sensations…

slow strokes to begin with covering every square millimetre of my lingam speeding up and love to feel a sucking suction from down deep .

I’d like to be given pleasure and relaxation on mind and body. I ‘d like to free myself and knowing others like me and also please and give massages to others.

Lots of oil, sensual touches, prostate simulation at the same time would be ace!

Long strokes, oiled and building up to a faster and orgasmic ending. 

It has to be done gently and mindfully

I like my cock to be massaged slowly with love and respect

I like my manhood massaged with coconut oil, with a focused attention, milking the shaft from the root to the tip and encircling the glans in a spiral motion.

Extremely long sensually and erotically. It loves to be massaged by yoni when I’m in the top role.

Gentle touch with some lotion or lube by soft, warm palm. Gradually up and down, not too fast not too slow. I like to be touched from soft to get hard. Gradually feel the whole thing getting bigger and stiffer.

I love it teased, stroked slowly, building up tension and grip and played with a little harder

I’d like to be given pleasure and relaxation on mind and body. I ‘d like to free myself and knowing others like me and also please and give massages to others.

Gently with eye contact maintained, feeling the warmth of male contact. I enjoy a firm but deep massage, where you feel a real connection and in silence.

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  1. “With warm oil between your feet. Your full body weight on me slididing up and down, back and forth, off and on. Lingualy, manually and analy alternating between the three. In front of a group to demonstrate techniques. And to completion”

    I don’t know who this man is but please tell him if he’s ever in western USA, please look me up. Please pass it in to all of your ‘clients’. I’d love to learn each of their massage techniques and possibly teach them some of my own. I’m always curious and willing to learn and teach all of them.

    Have them add ‘Massage Utah’ as their subject. If they want to talk, I’ll be happy to share more personal info such as my number, pictures, maybe even my home address. That goes for anyone interested no matter where you’re at or from.

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