Massage happens with words and thoughts too. The whole body is involved. There is skill and self-discipline, with much to learn from experience, to turn each end into a new start. Altered states of consciousness reward the considered approach. Individuals meld into an eternal, universal whole. Time and space become meaningless. Manhood has its wider geographies to treat on promising paths. New, long routes to new destinations. Empathy tells where the other is moment by moment as the body is transcended.

Not to be rushed. It’s should be starting with simple touching the area around it to build an arousal and the gently slowly and starting with massaging the parts around the sack and working the way up and ending up with edging

I prefer when someone takes their time instead of rushing the gestures. My head gets sensitive and often guys put too much pressure on it.

Ego with supportive, caring, affirming words. Body and cock with with gentle well oiled strokes. One hand at the base of my cock another using variety of strokes, alternating between one direction and back and forth.

Gently and slowly, alternating the hands between the penis and the balls and also underneath them as it is a very sensitive area

I like it to be done slowly and that the whole shaft is massaged. My glans must be massaged carefully since it is very sensitive. I also like my balls to be massaged.

Very slow, teased, using great variety of moves with the hand, working on the art form, undies to grip while moving leg, close to orgasm for about 5 times before wonderful explosion. Total heavenly wanking. Sometimes playing with hand down undies, other times in pyjamas, face down in bed. Like to admire myself in swim trunks and look in mirror at the bulge. Love to see it grow and change shape feel wet precum near the tip. So good to remind myself I am male.

I like it to be slow, teasing, edging, brought to point of ecstasy then denied before finally being allowed to let it happen. I love to share that with others and be watched while just losing it…

I love strong hands rubbing me over and exploring my inner thighs and squeezing my arse cheeks. I love to be fingered and then have my member stroked as I am being finger fucked. Love four hand massages or more to take control of my body.

I love to fully relax during a massage but Know that this is hard to get when you receive a massage the first time from a new masseur in an unknown environment. I definitely enjoy both being fully naked during the massage, the receiving and the giving part. And I like it when any cm of the body is included but it shouldn’t be jus a rub, rather a very slow process of skin meeting skin.

I love to have my manhood massaged in a variety of ways — slowly, fast, lightly touched, kissed or engorged. I love doing the same for my male partners too!

I like to have my manhood massaged slowly and gently using some sort of oil. I like to see my manhood glistening from the oil. I love the feel of the lubrication on my manhood and the sound it makes as things start to reach a climax. I also love to have my balls massaged at the same time my shaft is being stroked. An anal massage is the ultimate while having my manhood massaged up and down over and over again.

start out with just a old fashioned on the table rub and have you grind and push your fists into my back till you hit that spot right at the top of my ass in those two circles that when enough pressure is applied that you just go insane with electricity going all through your body and that is when you reach underneath and nudge me as to tell me to flip over and you take both hands and stroke my cock with one hand and polish the head of it with the other till I shoot like a rocket all the way across the room!!!

I love a nice slow sensual buildup first and then gentle strokes first using warm oil before grasping a bit firmer with my balls being cupped and stroked gently at the same time. It’s amazing to be edged with strokes stopping and starting, quickening and slowing. Ongoing communication with the masseur is key as is mutual appreciation and respect. Feeling comfortable enough to be completely uninhibited and open in front of someone is very special also and pretty rare

Patient slow strokes, connecting with the rest of my body, nipples, balls, hair, feet. Everlasting sensuality

Teased around the area at first, with much bum and crack exploration, then slowly and firmly from the balls to my circumcised head. Wherever and whatever, just slowly and firmly.

Varying speeds, nicely lubricated, intense, build it up to the climax prefer with a cock ring on.

It starts with a good, complete talk about the ideal massage that is perfectly relaxing and gentle in touch. Naturally, men have countless ideas and methods of pleasure for their manhood; skills acquired with self-pleasue and self-love.

With a pair of warm hands and plenty of oil, rub and massage the inside of my thighs and groin area. Proceed to oil my shaft and testicles. Slowly and gently massage my balls, pull on them a bit, blow on them. Massage between my ball sack and anus as well as around my testicles including my public bone area. Proceed to massage my shaft I like hard grips, lighter grips and running your nails along it too. Twist when you reach my head, make sure it’s lubed up a lot, I enjoy the sounds too. I like it fast and slow, keep me at the edge, stop then go again. I like to have a couple of finger massaging my prostrate at the same time.

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  1. “With warm oil between your feet. Your full body weight on me slididing up and down, back and forth, off and on. Lingualy, manually and analy alternating between the three. In front of a group to demonstrate techniques. And to completion”

    I don’t know who this man is but please tell him if he’s ever in western USA, please look me up. Please pass it in to all of your ‘clients’. I’d love to learn each of their massage techniques and possibly teach them some of my own. I’m always curious and willing to learn and teach all of them.

    Have them add ‘Massage Utah’ as their subject. If they want to talk, I’ll be happy to share more personal info such as my number, pictures, maybe even my home address. That goes for anyone interested no matter where you’re at or from.

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