107 men describe how they like to have their lingam massaged

  1. I’d like to be treated with respect and with a gentle, sensitive touch.
  2. I like to have my manhood massaged sensually and slowly, taking time to explore every ridge and curve of it. I also like to have my perineum stimulated and my balls gently stroked.
  3. I like to have my penis massaged slowly and softly with plenty of oil being used. Best to start from behind whilst I am lying on my front with hands caressing my balls first and then slowly working towards my cock. So nice if there is two people carrying out the massage, one to slowly tease my cock whilst the other plays with my balls and ass. I like keeping me on the edge for a long time and then causing my ejaculation without the use of hands on my cock.
  4. slow light warm gentle strokes from soft hands. I like to be teased from the balls in a circular motion and then have that energy slowly travel up my shaft to the head of my cock and filtered to my entire head until all that warm energy goes back
  5. Very slowly with a gradual build up, starting by moving closer and closer, with gentle brush of the hand against the penis to build excitement. Then nice and slowly.
  6. Gently stroke with warm and firm hands. Stop when I’m on edge and use my pre cum to start stroking again.
  7. I like my manhood to be handle gently with a smooth touch in the beginning. As I work into the feeling and connection of being touch, I want more rapid movements and aggressive patterns of motions
  8. I like my lingam(manhood) massaged for 45 minutes, light accidental brushes across my penis. Tantalising until I’m ready to explode. Then oiled long slow strokes while gently massaging my balls also.
  9. Lightly at first with gentle stokes, more pressure as the massage goes on, i like warm sensual hand starting on my balls working there way up my penis to my head.
  10. I like to be touched softly. And then deeper and deeper I love body contact especially in the dark
  11. strong hands needed to give it a good firm stroke. all the way up and down. I enjoy having my bellend teased in a circular motion. I like a powerful grip on my shaft that moves slow at first and then fast before climax
  12. I enjoy it being massaged in a very caring and intimate way, with care and attention being paid for both comfort and sensuality
  13. Although I have little or no experience about this kind of massage, I am eager to explore my own body in order to learn how to get rid of stress and transform those energies into something profitable for my own. I want to explore my own manhood so as well.
  14. With care and attention … reading how I’m responding as opposed to a prescribed approach.
  15. I want to learn. I want to be stimulated after too many years of overstimulation. I think Tantra is the way but I’m open to discovering other ways. Always drug free and safe.
  16. I do not know if this is just a hand massage but if it is then I would like to be massaged as I have seen in videos. I like oil at some point further on. I would like to feel soft fingertips exploring my manhood from base to tip. My testicles massaged as this happens. I like the idea of a palm encircling the tip and twisting.
  17. First, using subtle touches moving to caressing – then stroking the areas around it before holding it and gently stroking up and down alternating soft and hard strokes, fast and slow – sometimes focusing on different parts of it.
  18. Sounds interesting and totally up to learn everything about this with others. Open to lay back and enjoy ( I need it ) .. id love to give a massage as much as I’d like to receive.. anybody wanting to teach ?
  19. gently on the head, hands gliding and gripping the shaft. caressing balls
  20. I like to be massaged in a long, slow and purposeful way, with sensuality and warmth, in a safe and naked environment, by caring, open minded men, who are able to give and receive in equal measure.
  21. I would love my manhood massaged slowly I also like a frim grip I will like to learn how to self massage my manhood for maximum effect and willing to try new things with anyone I would like regular practice on my self and others
  22. Tho I respomd to sensual touch in every part of my body from top to toe, I acknowledge that there is super-energy to be released by sensitive touch in the erogeonous areas closest to my anus, ball-sack and glans
  23. Slowly, mindfully, attentively and without inhibition. Nothing is taboo between friends who want to bring each other pleasure.
  24. I love to almost climax, then stop and repeat several times, then I shoot a huge load. What a fucking incredibly feeling having a big load shoot up your tubes and then all over your, or someone else’s chest or face.
  25. I would like my manhood to be massages slowly and gently with lots of oil. Blowing on my penis also goes a long way in terms of awakening my sexual desires. I want my penis to be touched gently and slowly and engaging in orgasms before I let it go.
  26. Mostly I will have to let go and allow a beautiful amazing man show me how it is done.connecting and believing my body will adapt and include my entire being…
  27. Gentle touch first and then slightly slide foreskin down. Pour lots of lube and start with the tip, moving on to the balls and my legs. It would be great with kissing and licking but not essential.
  28. By having balls cupped /stroked. Overall a gentle action, not too vigorous. Maybe a knuckle gently massaging the glands on the tip underneath.
  29. Slowly and sensually at first, and then with increasing vigour.
  30. My preference would be slow and sensual, although not really analysed it before! only having it done by women before I’m curious as to what it would be like with a man. Even more so giving a massage to another man!
  31. Slow and sensual full body massage using long strokes and pressure on muscle points to fully relax before teasing and exciting.
  32. Oiled/ feathered / caressed gently / all the above with latex gloves on adore body contact using oils and lotions
  33. gentle fondling then firmer as hardens then shaft to tip of my cut lingam. Then firm but not tight handling and maybe frottage with another lingam.
  34. I don’t like putting restrictions on myself or others. Better to have an open mind and be ready for all kinds of touch and all body types, shapes and sizes.
  35. The massage needs to be smooth and slow. It has to be sensational and very relaxing. I don’t like too much pressure or rush. I prefer back massage, legs, chest and face.
  36. Would love to explore another level of relaxation and happiness. I’m a big fan of nudism, staying naked, touching exchanges. My manhood massage should be both deep and soft, hot oiled all over, body to body and should provide both/all of us a tremendous level of positive vibes
  37. With mutual love and tenderness both to me and from me to spread the energy both in myself and in the other(s) in a form of physical meditation.
  38. Kind, sentimental,positive, Slowly, by an nice, sweet lady!

  39. I like to feel strong hands massaging my inner thighs, lifting them slightly to feel my balls and cock from under. I find it very arousing.
  40. Anyway that would be able to release my inner person and make me full of energy and knowledge of my body
  41. well, this would be my first time so I’m just going to go with the flow. But I have an open mind and I’m up for new experiences
  42. Slow and long, with love!
  43. Firm grip with pressure, my foreskin sliding slowly up and down over my glans, being slapped against a hand (or something else …)
  44. Slowly and deliciously
  45. I like it to be done softly, slowly, with sensuality, in different ways like up and down, or holding it with your hand and with your thumb caressing in circles
  46. Stroking of the shaft, palm swirled around the head, thumbs or tongue caressing the glans.
  47. slowly and gently,with a soft touch finger tips
  48. So I like my manhood, stroked, pulled, twisted, caressed, tickled at the head, below the head, very light touches are also lovely, being licked is nice too. The only thing I don’t like is being sucked which to lots of guys will seem strange. Oh, and I also like to be in control of what is happening, i.e. to be able to say, slow down or stop for a minute etc
  49. i like to have my lingam massaged with TLC and passion
  50. I have a large manhood so starting with long slow strokes are great. Then after working the way round, hard and fast is how I get off.
  51. Long oily strokes, base to tip and back again with balls cupped and softly pulled.
  52. Wow! To start, I love slow, light, teasing touch.All over my penis. Then, as i get more erect, I love slowly having my foreskin retracted….very slowly, so I can feel the skin move over my cock head. ..then I love slow teasing to continue–long strokes all the way up and all the wy down, special attention given to my frenulum and the area just under my cock head…then massage my balls to delay my excitement, stroke my shaft to delay as well, and then return to the cock head and do faster shaft strokes.
  53. Love to be massaged, receiving energy and explore all areas. Pleasure and relaxation at the same time.
  54. tenderly, with plenty of love and a dose of the unexpected
  55. Slowly massaged from top to bottom in a bit of circular motion
  56. With gentle touches at the start to stimulate especially around the tip, then more sturdier movements. I love lube too. Great invention!
  57. i love suttle sensations…
  58. I’d like to be given pleasure and relaxation on mind and body. I ‘d like to free myself and knowing others like me and also please and give massages to others.
  59. Lots of oil, sensual touches, prostate simulation at the same time would be ace!
  60. Long strokes, oiled and building up to a faster and orgasmic ending. 
  61. Slowly and sensual. I’m in for the adventure of the lingam massage and open to what it will do to my desires. I’m usually in control but intrigues by the elements of someone else taking charge of massaging my manhood.
  62. It has to be done gently and mindfully
  63. I love it teased, stroked slowly, building up tension and grip and played with a little harder
  64. Gently with eye contact maintained, feeling the warmth of male contact. I enjoy a firm but deep massage, where you feel a real connection and in silence.
  65. Like a massage in briefs at start with hands reaching inside to pull my penis out. Thereafter slow and sensual.
  66. With a hand or hands, mouth or other body parts. I enjoy edging or being edged, getting to the point of orgasm the. Holding back again and again til the explosion is maximized
  67. I enjoy sensual, gentle carressing
  68. I’d like to be given pleasure and relaxation on mind and body. I ‘d like to free myself and knowing others like me and also please and give massages to others.
  69. Gently, sensitively, sensuously. Long slow strokes, from the base up to the tip, then circular around the tip
  70. With a hand or hands, mouth or other body parts. I enjoy edging or being edged, getting to the point of orgasm the. Holding back again and again til the explosion is maximized
  71. Show me what you like to do. Pay attention to what I enjoy.
  72. Softly with oil. All the way from below scrotum to tip. Make it last. Pull my lingam so that veins bulge and can be caressed. Edging and lasting.
  73. Slowly and with sensitivity, accompanied by gentle prostate massage. A firm grip on the release.
  74. Sensitive, by more men in group , lovingly and passionate
  75. Some massage oil can be good…light strokes building to more robust ones…firm hold, squeezing and palpating…
  76. I like the feel of a firm manly hand taking control. Playing and teasing me and taking me to the edge..
  77. I like a relaxed and slow massage very gentle and slow, Sensual and passionate. Intentionally. Intimately. Imaginatively. jai
  78. Edging and edging with loads of oil with a hand
  79. “Having only experienced this a few times and not really fully considered other methods, I have only experienced rough and relatively hard and fast massages. I would like to experience other, more sensual methods. “
  80. Sensibly , delicately, safely, respectfully…not a wank I can do that myself.
  81. Slowely, with a firm hand and gallons of lube.
  82. Lightly and firmly, constant and unexpected
  83. “With sensitivity to my needs. Sometimes thats gentle and others more positive and with strength.”
  84. slowly and softly with a twist of a firm grip..
  85. I’d like to receive a very sensual massage involving a very stimulating action on my testicles and shaft: I’m open to explored techniques that may increase the pleasure and sense of relaxation.
  86. Slowly and teasing with lots of edging, ball massage too. Light strokes, alternating rhythm, just under the head. Slowly and around the tip With imagination, sensitivity and creativity.
  87. I have a very sensitive cock so like to be massaged gently with oil or lube (my favourite is jlube as it’s the closest thing to saliva)
  88. slowly, edging to climax, enjoying the journey
  89. I would like the massager to make me feel he is in control of my manhood, Plenty of oil and lubrications . He could tease my penis tip which is very sensitive and drive me wild, He is imaginative and exploring my cock once itvis hard. He may also touch other parts of my body.
  90. OMG, where do u start. slow, teasing caresses, firm deep strokes, stillness. A mix of light and firm touch and stillness. Tenderness and strength.
  91. Slow, enjoyable strokes, cared and caressed. Reflective, respectful, introspective, I like to have your manhood massaged with sound!
  92. I want to be with different people to observe what suits me the best. I want to become a better man based on what my man wants from me.
  93. Gentle tugging and sensual stroking.
  94. I would like my massage therapist to know exactly how my body would respond to touch and feel. I don’t want a sex massage I want energy and orgasm without penetration just knowing how to touch me. Let me allow my energy to flow back into the person treating me so they are also fulfilled.
  95. I love a long slow massage, starting with the geisha, balls , shaft and head long stroking and the use of essential oils
  96. I love to have my lingam massaged lying on my back with my balls resting on my thighs. With your thumb and forefingers encircle my penis. Run your hand up and down the shaft. Let your trailing little finger strokes my balls with each downward stroke. Meanwhile use the thumb and forefinger of your left hand to tweaks my erect nipples to add another delicious sensation to those in my penis. Sometimes, swap hands.
  97. slowly, carefully, with passion and compassion and playfulness, teasing and serious at the same time.
  98. I like to have my balls touch while my manhood is massaged. I prefer more pressure around the head. I also enjoy getting fingered at the same time as my manhood is massaged.
  99. With a mix of tension, sensual, and with feeling of desire. I want to feel that you are enjoying it.
  100. diverse. find out… do it and see how my body reacts
  101. I love laying down wearing some speedos or a jock knowing that I’m about to have the gentle touch of a man massage me gently. The excitment leading up to the prostate massage is amazing, followed by the most intense orgasm ive ever had in my life.
  102. Gently at first. Don’t rush. But then more firmly, with my balls in play.
  103. I am interested in attending your lingam massage workshops, I am comfortable being naked with others and have received lingam massage over the years of varying qualities from various practitioners but now wish to know more about how it should be done properly
  104. Passionately, soothingly, and authoritively.
  105. I love giving and receiving, slow sensual massages with warm oil…..loving the light touch between my anus and balls….and all up and down the shaft until my Cock is at it’s full extension and girth……then stroked and twisted until..

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