Prostate cancer is less prevalent in gay men: A recent study on cancer survivorship and sexual orientation showed that gay men have a lower rate of prostate cancer. The reason for this is unknown but this recent data is an interesting contrast to a 1987 study which showed the opposite.

Regardless of sexual orientation, it is important for all men to be aware of this risk. Prostate cancer can usually be found in its early stages by having a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test and a rectal exam. Your doctor should do these tests every year starting at the age of 50. Let’s be honest, most gay men know what their prostate is supposed to feel like. Let your doctor know if you have any abnormal sensations. Check your own prostate regularly or have some fun by getting your partner to feel it for you. You are looking for changes in size. Your prostate is located about 1.5 inches inside your rectum toward the front. It should normally be about the size of a walnut. If you notice a change in size or any abnormalities on the surface of your prostate gland you should talk to your doctor. From Cancer Facts for Gay and Bisexual Men.

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