Hi I would like to attend you HaPenis Massage class I feel like I need my mind putting at ease about something

I realize its not a orgy or an opportunity to look for sexual partners but at the same time I would like to know what the rules are regarding who you take part in a massage with the whole group thing is fine with me but I feel as though I would not be able to massage or be massaged by someone who I am not feeling the connection with (just as someone may not be comfortable with me) I mean no disrespect to anyone though I am quite spiritual myself and believe that the universe connects us with those we are supposed to be connected with. Gerry

Touch is Never Random or Rotational, You Always Choose

I absolutely agree with you, that’s why at any workshop I’m running touch is never random or rotational, you always choose who you work with. Look forward to meeting you. You could always bring someone with you. Have a read of our guidelines for men attending our events, it will give you a better idea of what we are about. Mr Cox

Guidelines for Men Attending the HaPenis Massage Classes

We HAVE creating a very special space where every man is absolutely accepted for who he is. In this sacred space we don’t judge anyone or say or do anything that would make anyone feel in anyway uncomfortable.

– YOU ALWAYS GET TO CHOOSE WHO TOUCHES YOU. Touching anyone without permission is not only extremely bad manners, it is also illegal.

– Everything that happens in a group is absolutely confidential to that group. You’re welcome to tell others about the event but you should not discuss anything about a particular person who attended.

– Many of our celebration workshops include lingam massage, but there is absolutely clear understanding not to engage in sexual acts.

– It is absolutely fine to have an erection, and it is absolutely fine not to have.

– Please arrive with your energy intact: do not attend under the influence of any drugs, including alcohol.

The reason this agreement is made is so that men can bi-pass the ordinary outline or script that is often programmed into us and so that you can leave with the same sexual health that you arrived with.

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