Call 4 Entries. The Art of Ejaculation is inspired by Aleister Crowley’s White Stains, he was the last British Artist to cover the subject of ejaculation , and that was in 1898 . Artists, poets, musicians, dancers, rappers, writers, photographers, pornographers and even gay tantra masseurs are invited to submit works for The Art of Ejaculation, an online exhibition on the 1st. December 2020. A spunky opportunity for both professional and amateurs. Please don’t expect anything posh. It will be just a few words of wisdom, some explicit pictures and artistic videos of ejaculation. To attend the online exhibition accept the invitation below and I will send you the link on the night. You can submit work by email

The Art of Ejaculation

Tuesday, Dec 1, 2020, 11:11 AM

83 almighty members Attending

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