A big strong mature gentleman massaging, touching, feeling, handling, holding, squeezing, lightly kneading, worshipping, erotically spanking your magnificent arse. I always start slowly and gently. Firm Butt fair, I build intensity gradually with an intention to care for, love, and pleasure your arse. Tantra Spanking is not punishment, nor does it involve any issues of dominance or submission. Is not harmful or hurtful,

Your Session Can Begin with a Traditional Over the Knee Spanking

At the beginning of your session you can undress and present yourself in your bulging briefs for a traditional over the knee hand spanking. An opportunity for me to warm my big thick manly hands. A Tantra spanking session usually consists of 3 to 9 spanking cycles, depending upon your experience, and desires. Gay, bisexual and straight men welcome.

Tantric Spanking Massage with an Intention of Excellence

This Slow Sensual spanking massage is done with an intention of excellence, to surprise and delight your body. You will experience whole-body pleasure. You are relieved of all pressure to perform or get off. Some men come strictly for the tantric spanking massage. Others will like me to include some external anal massage, prostate massage, and many men like to finsh their celebration with a HaPenis Ending. What happens during your celebration session is entirely up to you.

The Best Tantric Spanking Masseur in Britain

I am the best spanking masseur in London, I offer tantric spanking and massage in a safe and sensual manner. 10 minutes from Holborn, Angel, Kings Cross, Old Street,  Barbican, Farrington, New oxford Street, Islington and Chancery Lane.

A Truly Wonderful Experience

Hi seb. I just want to say, when I came to see you on Thursday,I was a bit worried, but the spanking massage you gave me was a truly wonderful experience with your soft magical hands. the intensity you gave me was no 1. i hope to see you again soon.happy new year.

Williamsays:December 31, 2016

Thank you for the massage and red bum. Hope to catch up soon.

Anon Thu 27/06/2019

Firm, Butt Fair, Mature & Experienced. Mr Cox 07974 805666 or email sebcox@hotmail.co.uk

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  1. I had to asked when are u coming to United States because there aren’t many male masseuse here, you offer a new territory in which we yanks need a little shaking up and new perspective. The reason we American male are frustrated and there isn’t any stress release, it ll be a pleasure for u to come the states, maybe some dudes here will let off some steam and frustration

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