Are you a little bored with your sex life? Have you an amazing sexual energy, and as you get older not really sure how to channel it. Thinking of making some changes? Are you good with men? Have you got an amazing touch? My tantric male massages classes take place in Central London every month. Come and learn how to give a professional tantric male massage using easy to learn techniques in this amazing one day workshop. The tantra massage is a slow respectful full body sensual massage. It’s like a prayer. In Tantric philosophy, all a man’s goodness comes from his lingam(penis). So the massage involves very relaxed breathing and slow awakening of the lingam to create a magickal energy that we circulate to certain sacred points(called chakras) in his body. What i like about tantra, is it’s simplicity. You simply touch with an intention to make your partner feel amazing. Come and learn how easy it is to set up your own tantric male massage business. Come and learn how to connect with clients and really enjoy your tantra work! This can be a new beginning for you and every client you meet. For me Tantric Male Massage is an art. We need to practice our art and the best way to practice is to get paid. Absolutely anyone can become a successful tantric male masseur. You don’t need any qualifications or certificates. In fact some men have become successful professional tantric masseurs after doing this workshop. Learn how to give a full body tantric male massage using easy to learn techniques in this informative workshop.

During the workshop you will learn about :

The Great Secret of Tantra – It’s not about copying some-one else’s tantra, it’s about creating your own. Only then is it truly authentic.

The Undressing Ritual – An opportunity to awaken your sensual touch, touch with a magickal intention.

4 Hands Chakra Awakening Ritual. A dummy’s guide to understanding your chakra systems , and an opportunity to give and recieve a 4 hands body and lingam chakra awakening

Shishna Blessings. A magnificent way to begin the lingam part of the massage

The A-Z of Lingam Massage. 26 amazing techniques to take your massage to a higher level.

Big Draw Technique – The Big Draw expands the energy created by the lingam massage throughout the entire body.

Tantric Male Massage Practice : An opportunity to both, give and receive a tantric massages.

Getting Started Q+A. Open discussion on such topics as, Self Marketing/How attractive can you be? How to attract clients. How and who you want to work with? About being professional? Designing a series of sessions with a client. Creating a support system. The Use of pujas(sex magick) to present your massage to the universe.

I  done this workshop a few months ago in Manchester. Within a few days of doing the workshop at least one of the participants had done his first professional tantric massage. That’s the essence of what I have to teach.

Comments from men who have previously attended my tantric male massage workshops

My second workshop. really enjoyed raising tantric energy and moving it to chakras. informal and invigorating. i would call it freestyle tantra. i really got into it and was so full of energy afterwards did not stop talking. sorry guys lol. a glass of champagne and some pizza finished the evening off with friendly conversation. coming back for more. Thanks Seb and Steve. Alan

Fantastic evening. Great energy and great guys. For me a sensual awakening. Strongly recommended. Amadee

Hi seb. Just a quick line to let u know i started massaging a week ago and have had 9 clients so far. I love my work. Thank u so much for ur advice. I will keep in touch”.  Jon

What a wonderful afternoon of pleasure. The course exceeded my expectations. I was also surprised that I enjoyed giving as much as I enjoyed receiving. I’m hooked. When can we do it all again. Terry

“I am a qualified masseur, who had for years been unsure of which direction to go with this. He encouraged me to go forward with my ideas. I am now gradually and confidently building up a successful business”. Alan

He’s a genuine, Modern-Day Wizard. Certainly, a very powerful Man. Sometimes, you need the right spark of energy from someone to encourage you. He has enabled me to ‘take flight’. For this, I owe him a great debt of gratitude. With Sincerest, and most enormous thanks, Steve B x 06/05/2013

I am still in bliss. It was amazing being in connection with men in such a profound way. I reconnected to my own sensuality and sexuality. It makes me feel alive and free. All my gratitude to Seb for creating this amazing experience. A

It was a lovely afternoon feeling very connected. The group of guys were friendly the energy raised was wonderful it was a lovely way to spend a Friday afternoon and it taught us all so much things i had forgotten about thank you all. Much love, Malc

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So fantastic to connect with a great gathering… absolutely wonderful afternoon… thank you Seb for your outrageous hospitality!

Great afternoon with some great people. Thanks everyone for sharing and for your generosity of spirit. Still on a high! Tom

Great afternoon, though I think there was a time slip as 6 hours flew by.Amazing massage techniques were demonstrated & shared and there was a great bunch of guys there. Informative, fun, welcoming & thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks for a great event! Carl

Seb creates a wonderfully warm atmosphere, which enables participants to relax and explore the wonderful world of tantric massage. greg

Hi Seb – since attending I have acquired a number of clients. They have all benefited from the amazing techniques I learned from you and some of them I see regularly. A married guy with a happy grin is a wonderful sight! Thanks again. -nickinsouthend

I really felt at ease and had some great massages, i really did feel some magic from those fingers in my last massage. Thanks for your encouraging words. G

Great day surrounded by a terrific open group of men who were totally into tantra. Anthony

Excellent, informative, good to have hands on practice. John

Fantastic afternoon. Relaxed and comfortable. Learned a lot and practiced what we learned. Thank you. Mike

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