Hey, I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about Tantric Male Massage. I’ve never delved into it before but it’s something I’d be interested to understand. What is the process? I understand their is an arousal element to it. The person being massaged is passive obviously in that process. I’m just wondering how it works really. I’ve had a few sports massages and Thai massage which I really enjoyed, but obviously there’s a fair amount of theory as to why they work. Sports massage isn’t actually an enjoyable experience! (Yay to rugby injuries) I suppose I’m wondering what the theory is behind it all? Mike

What i like about tantra, is it’s simplicity. You simply touch with an intention to make your partner feel amazing. The tantra massage is a prayer. A slow respectful full body sensual massage. In Tantric philosophy, all a man’s goodness comes from his lingam(penis). So this sacred intimacy massage involves very relaxed breathing and slow awakening of the lingam to create a magickal energy that we circulate to certain sacred points(called chakras) in his body. Mr Cox

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  1. Hi Mike here
    Found you by chance
    How does it work?
    Massages: where, how, how long, how much… Curious.

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