This class is open to men of all sexual orientations. At the beginning of this ritual we will practice a very easy to learn anal breathing meditation. Then Mr Cox will demonstrate the 8 basic strokes of external anal massage. Each stroke and each breath allows you a different sensation. Each wakes up different tissues and stimulates different nerve endings. There will be an opportunity to practice with a partner, so every man can enjoy this incredible sensations of pleasure. Private location in Central London

Trust, Truth & Respect – (the rose bud massage)

Saturday, Oct 7, 2017, 7:00 PM

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Comments from Men who have attended this class previously

Such an intimate massage, rose bud is the perfect metaphor for the energy that arises and opens like a flower! I’ll definitely use the strokes in my treatments with awareness and kindness. Thank you

Wow, completely inspiring evening with Seb and the others guys. A very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Warm and loving. Very well organised, and a lot of fun. It certainly has given me more confidence than I could of possibly imagined and please if anyone doughts themselves to try something different, learn to trust yourself and just go with it. You will be very suprised at how learning something new and refreshing and be. Love and light ️xx K

Hi Seb, I would like to thank you for the wonderful evening. The atmosphere you create in your flat is magical and the Rose -Buddy Massage will be something I would like try one mire time if you will do it again. Needless to say I really appreciate the food and the glass of champagne at the end.

Wonderful welcome from Seb and Steve. Feeling safe and supported. If you read this and are a little afraid or unsure, give it a try. You only get to regret what you haven’t done. A big thank you to all xx

This was absolutely amazing. I have always experienced wonderful massage in the meetups, but this one has for me been the most powerful experience as a reciever. It will go forward to constantly remind and inform me in my continued giving of massage

The exploration provided a roller-coaster of pleasurable sensations beyond my expectations. A relaxed atmosphere and very nice company allowed me to enjoy the absence of clothes and the total ease of touch as the most natural of states. Thank you

Hello Seb Thank you for last evenings Rosebud Class. Thank you for your guidance. The massage certainly awakens many things within. The men there were all excellent to work with. Any men who didn’t attend please look out for future dates of this and other excellent workshops that Seb facilitates. See you soon x

Brilliant, what a great way to spend a wet Monday evening. Seb was the perfect host teaching and making every one that attended very welcome, and comfortable with the event. The class was taken at a steady pace letting us explore the rose bud class at our own pace. Thank you to Seb and the other guess that attended.

It will change the way I give massages. In the past, I was always thinking, what is the right thing to do next, which bit do I touch, and which stroke, and what does the other person want me to do. In other words I was stuck in my head. Today I learned to just let go, and follow my intuition. I closed my eyes, swayed to the rhythm of the music, and just let my hands flow where they wanted. I believe my partner had a much better massage because of this.

Thank you Seb and the gents last night. A truly sensuous and enlightening evening.

Hands-on practice after a well-thought out intro. Well supervised and organised. Now feel much more confident to practice.

It was a truly inspirational event, the first of it’s kind and the first of this type in my exerience. The combination of calm surroundings, background music, chilled guys and calm support gave a great atmosphere for the workshop. Direction was given with minimal intervention making the event conducive to learning new techniques and a receiving a fabulous massage without any embarrassment. Trust, truth and respect all are a true reflection of how I felt, which meant I could absorb and deliver this new massage technique with ease.

Still on cloud nine, can’t quite believe it happened! Looking forward to share with friends in the near future!! It was an amazing day. Thank you Seb!

A great event which was well facilitated and delivered by Seb. The techniques learnt and shared were truly enjoyable

About the Facilitator

Seb Cox is an award winning sex toy designer. He was the second person in the UK to use a face picture in an advertisement for “personal services”. He was selected as “Sex Worker of the Year” at the Erotic Awards London in 2003, and retired the following day to concentrate on his sacred touch massages.  He was the first person in the UK  to use the word “tantra” advertising sensual massage. He is the founder of the Brotherhood of Pleasure. Individual private male rosebud massage with Mr. Cox are also available. More information available on his website.

Guidelines for Men Attending our events 

We are creating a very special space where every man is accepted for who they are. In this sacred space we don’t judge anyone or say or do anything that would make anyone feel in anyway uncomfortable.

– Everything that happens in a group is absolutely confidential to that group. You’re welcome to tell others about the event but you should not discuss anything about a particular person who attended.

– It is absolutely fine to have an erection

– Touching without Permission: Not only is it bad manners to touch someone without their permission, it is also illegal.

– Many of our celebration workshops include lingam massage, but there is absolutely clear understanding not to engage in sexual acts.

– Please arrive with your energy intact: do not attend under the influence of alcohol.

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