Massageturbation Coaching

Reward yourself with a 1-2-1 Massageturbation Celebration Coaching Session. I am a Mature erotic masseur 2 ejaculation coach. I invite you to come, seek, for search is the foundation of a HaPenis. I will listen carefully to every word you have to say. I will gently guide you get the Massageturbation pleasure you need. I will provide information and practical assistance to help you have amazing Massageturbation to tantric orgasmic ejaculations I will support you in connecting to yourself I will demonstrate techniques that take your tantric orgasms to devine levels. To make an appointment call Seb Cox on 07974 805666 or email

An Intention of Excellence

We will start your maasageturbation with an intention of excellence. An intentional to explore self-love so you can really get in touch with your cock. We will actually take the time to ask your cock what it actually would like at that particular moment. During your massageturbation celebration massage be awarel of the sensations that truly pay attention to your cock.


By simple including breathing and relaxing into your maasageturbation celebration we will take  your erotic energy to another level. learn how to use your breathe, to tune in to what your cock really desires. Especially important for men who enjoy edging. Combining the breathe and relaxation into your session, is a technique that is called ballooning. 

Pumping and Massaging

Usually the energy we build during your celebration I will show you how to pump and massage that energy all over your body, from head to toes. I will also explain the importance of using your HaPenis Muscle (PC)

Strokes 4 Blokes

Explore and Enjoy the 26 techniques from A-Z of Lingam Massage Bi/Mr Cox. The 26 basic strokes that every man should know. Each stroke offers a different sensation. Each wakes up different tissues and stimulates different nerve endings.

SLOW DOWN and let us include Your other erogenous zones

Besides your groin, there are the belly/button, feet, balls, inner thighs, calves, between your arse and balls, ears, chest, and nipples? Learn how to include these zones into your session.

Conscious Ejaculation

The ejacualtion as a result of your ritual will be more intense than you normally experience. When you do, you will send a blast of energy into the universe. Some people call that energy “magick”. You will be coached in how to use your “magick” to help you achieve what ever you want in life. Its that Important

I am an alternative, magickal, masseur who offers massageturbation celebration sessions for men in London. I work from a specially prepared room in my apartment 5 minutes walk from The Angel Tube station, in Islington London. To make an appointment call Seb Cox on 07974 805666 or email

He talked to me; put me at my ease, but more importantly he listened. My pleasures and needs were paramount and I felt that I could ask him to do anything. His ‘pleasure’ room is intimate and well equipped. He creates the perfect ambience with music, lighting and the aroma of tantra; all senses are stimulated. I would heartily recommend any man to experience Seb Cox. 


Seb: I glowed for days following our session, and I still get hard just thinking about how explosively awesome my climax was. Plus then the relaxing bath. You’re a master. An absolute master. I look forward to our next session, whenever that will be. Cheers

Mike – On Wed 25th May 2011

Excellent, informative, good to have hands on practice. John

He’s a genuine, Modern-Day Wizard. Certainly, a very powerful Man. Sometimes, you need the right spark of energy from someone to encourage you. He has enabled me to ‘take flight’. For this, I owe him a great debt of gratitude. With Sincerest, and most enormous thanks, Steve B x 06/05/2013

Still on cloud nine, can’t quite believe it happened! Looking forward to share with friends in the near future!! It was amazing. Thank you Seb!

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