Men who have had my lingam massage in London after smoking cannabis will tell you about their wonderful sexual orgasms. Many have found cannabis enables them to be more sent, aware and more pleasurable sexual experiences. While Cannabis is still illegal in the UK, some Americana sexologists and therapists have begun informally incorporating cannabis into their practices, suggesting their clients try masturbating while high. Diana Urman, a Californian based sexologist, recommends weed to clients who are having trouble orgasming or who have never experienced an orgasm, even after decades of sexual activity. Urman, who has a PhD in human sexuality, has observes dramatic changes when clients who have experienced difficulty orgasming try masturbating—and eventually having sex with a partner—while stoned. “Now that [weed is] legal in California, my job is easier, Marijuana allows people to be more present in their bodies and more whole. It slows you down. My clients can feel a lot of anxiety about not being able to let go or be fully present in their bodies, which creates a disconnect between mind and body,” she says. “Weed often improves people’s abilities to self-pleasure and, as a result, feel more connected to partners. The usefulness of marijuana is not commonly understood among sex therapists. For people struggling to find joy or pleasure in sex, weed can inject a playfulness that is otherwise hard to access. Source

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