A sacred touch to awaken that tantric warrior within you

This is your chance to simply receive without giving back. I’ll help you in developing your capacity to receive tantric pleasure. Your erection is always welcome but is not required to experience highly erotic tantric pleasure. I begin your tantric gay massage celebration by giving you a full body sensual rubdown, working with you to find your most tantric (responsive) areas. For most men, these include slow sensual massage of the skull, the ears, the belly, feet, prostate, nipples, scrotum, perineum rosebud, and cock. After several areas have been sensually developed they are then massages tantric-ally.

Induce an Uncontrollable Deep Orgasm

I take great care not to let one site become over massaged. The aim is to induce an uncontrollable deep orgasm from all areas so that they peak at the same time. During the massage there will be times when the masseur’s will invite you to hold and gently stroke his magick wand. My private mystical studio apartment is anonymously located, very discreet, warm, inviting and relaxing. I work from an extraordinarily comfortable massage table.

My Initiation into Tantra

Hi Seb, Now back home but still on cloud 9 thanks to you. Since my initiation into Tantra in your expert hands on Tuesday I have been walking on air. That really was an experience the like of which I have never experienced before. I am going to practice the techniques you taught me so that next time will be even more earth moving. During our session I literally thought I was going to explode due to the intense sensations you aroused in me!! You truly are a good, kind, considerate, understanding, nurturing and friendly person. A gentle man. Stephen On 14th June 2011

Mr Cox is the most experienced and enlightened male masseur working in London

Monday – Friday from 11 AM. Please book your massage celebration at least 24 hours in advance. Email : sebcox@hotmail.co.uk

10 thoughts on “Tantric Male Massages in London

  1. Singapore traveller in london for 2 weeks, starts 12th October till 24th.

    I want to attend your male to male tantric massage in a classroom size.

    Please inform your class available dates, prefer 17-22nd October, any time ok.


  2. Hello,
    I couldn’t find any dates or prices for your courses on your website: could you please forward them to me?
    Thank you.

  3. Hi I would like to attend you jade dragon massage class I feel like I need my mind putting at ease about something. I realize its not a orgy or an opportunity to look for sexual partners but at the same time I would like to know what the rules are regarding who you take part in a massage with the whole group thing is fine with me but I feel as though I would not be able to massage or be massaged by someone who I am not feeling the connection with (just as someone may not be comfortable with me) I mean no disrespect to anyone though I am quite spiritual myself and believe that the universe connects us with those we are supposed to be connected with.

  4. I hope you don’t consider this as an imposition but upon reading this page my wife said that I should attend this course but she would love to come too? Can you recommend someone in London or Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire who would give courses to females and I am also looking for someone to give her an erotic all nude full body and yoni massage followed by full penetration (if that is offered).

    Are you able to give me some pointers?



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