Hello GentleMen, welcome to the HaPENIS Project. This is a guided CoxErcise. Lie down, cuddle your balls. Relax, to your deepest cock breathing .

The secret is cupping one hand around your balls while putting your other hand on your tummy and feeling yourself breathe. Accepting pleasure, surrendering, and allowing stillness and patience. It’s that simple. Are you ready, here we go…

3 thoughts on “Keep Your Pecker Up

  1. 07 how you doing a big thanks from Texas but I give you my beautiful deal and keep on going keep on doing your things and I love it.

  2. Tell me what you offer in the London area. What events are coming up?

    I have a huge fucking horse cock/balls and looking for a regular. Bi here, so couples are fine.

  3. Dear Seb, I am wondering how I might help, given the current situation. I am in the USA. I never use PayPal…ever! Is there another way I can send a donation to you? Please let me know what would work the best for you and the site. My thoughts are with you, dear soul. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Lester B. USA

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