John First Touch in 5 years

I have just come out of a divorce and I’ve not had anyone touch me in 5 years and I’ve never been touched by a man. I’m thinking about coming down to London from York in a couple of months. I’m a little nervous and excited a few of questions

if I book can I pay cash on the day , Can we say my name is John. do you do blow jobs, one of my problems is if I get to excited I can come quick. if that’s the case would you try and make me cum again, if I was to pay for the £120 for the longer massage what do I get, please

Dear John, Thanks for your message. Cash on the day is fine, just like everything else, it’s all about what you would like. I’m sorry I dont give blow jobs while I give the massage, butt, I coud certainly give your balls a few gentle kisses during your ritual. You can cumm as many times as ou like during your massage. If you were to pay the £120 for thew longer celebration you just get a much slower massage, and chocolate biscuits with your coffee after your multi orgasmic massage. Butt, listen m8, what’s alot more important is what what one of the brothers said.

Dear Seb, A belated but heartfelt appreciation for the extraordinary massage you gave me last Wednesday. I felt welcomed and heard by you when I arrived and once I was undressed and on the couch felt in safe and experienced hands. As I grow older I have appreciated being nurtured in this very physical way and since my orgasms are fairly infrequent I was especially thrilled to reach such an ecstatic climax at your hands. I also enjoyed the skin contact with other parts as well as your hands and I enjoyed feeling your fat dick swell under my hand. Thanks once again for such an amazing physical, emotional and spiritual experience. Warm naked hugs to you! (03/07/2012)