A scientific explanation – the Jade Dragon Massage

jade dragonPenis size is limited in terms of length and girth by capacity. It would be impossible for your Cock to grow larger by itself, since, when a full erection occurs, the blood which enters the Jade Dragon is already expanding to it’s maximum capacity. As a result, the only permanent and true method of Cock enlargement is to expand the actual blood-holding capacity and this is only possible through the use of dedicated meditation and Cock exercises and techniques created especially for growth and development. The Jade Dragon Massage London helps to actually break down the cell walls of the Corpus Cavernosum (the soft fleshy tubes inside your penis) by forcing blood into the erectile tissue in a safe, controlled manner. Each time this is done, the cells are expanded beyond their normal limitations.Then your body then repairs the cells, making them larger and stronger to withstand the increased flow of blood generated by the exercises. This adaptation allows your big cock to hold more blood than it could before. Over the course of a few weeks, the constant breakdown and rebuilding of cells within the Corpus Cavernosum equates to a noticeable increase in size of your cock. This ancient Chinese secret to enlargement and overall penile health is to exercise regularly.

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The Jade Dragon Manhood Massage. An ancient cock massage ritual to Enlarge and Thicken the jade (shaft) and Dragon (Head) : Mr Cox 07974 805666


5 thoughts on “A scientific explanation – the Jade Dragon Massage

  1. Hi seb. I’m keen on attending one of these classes however will only be in London till August. Will there be another class in the next few weeks?

  2. Hi Seb, Would love to join this weekends class, any spaces?

  3. Hello, The session last 90 minutes. during the session I will show you the 9 techniques for you to practice, you need to do these everyday for 20 minutes. You will notice the results after a few months, best wishes, Mr Cox

  4. Hello, I wanted to know if i could notice a difference after one jade dragon session? How long does it last? Thank you

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