I 💕 20/20 Any Man Can

I got the idea for the 20/20 HaPenis Massage Exchange Ritual from a book called Any Man Can by Hartman and Fithian, who were pioneering sex researchers. They concluded that men who can have their Penis massaged for 20 minutes have a sacred power and can last as long as they like when it comes to having sex. Their amazing research is often copied(e.g. The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia) but very seldom acknowledged.

I 💕 20/20 Hapenis Massage Ritual

Men minding men, men massaging men, men celebrating the lost religion of masculinity. There will be an opportunity to practice with at least two men. Don’t worry if you have no lingam massage experience, as the more experienced masseurs will help, encourage and guide you. We do hope you come along, you will meet the most amazing men.

I 💕 20/20 What HaPenis?

We begin in a circle and every man has an opportunity to introduce himself. Then after watching a short film about the HaPenis Massage you choose a partner. Dance while you do the undressing ritual. Then a full body massage ritual during which each man takes it on turn to mount the massage table for a slow 20 minutes haPenis massage.

I 💕 20/20 Gay + Old = Gold

I 💕 20/20 Gay + Old = Gold. If you are a young man with little or no experience in giving lingam massage don’t worry we have a team of Gold Masseurs that would be soo happy to respect you, mind you, and show you some amazing strokes.

I 💕 20/20 is an invitation to dance

I 💕 20/20 is an invitation to dance. As the receiver we will encourage you to move on the massage table “dancing” with your sexual energy. You guide the massage, giving specific instructions throughout to the giver. As the giver, we will encourage you to dance or simply sway to the music to bring a new dimension to your touch. All masseurs are welcome from professionals to beginners. Expect to be touched, relaxed and inspired. If you don’t wont to dance, that’s fine. The only thing you have to do is breathe.

I 💕 20/20 Review 1

I 💕 20/20 Reviews 1. “It will change the way I give massages. In the past, I was always thinking, what is the right thing to do next, which bit do I touch, and which stroke, and what does the other person want me to do. In other words I was stuck in my head. Today I learned to just let go, and follow my intuition. I closed my eyes, swayed to the rhythm of the music, and just let my hands flow where they wanted. I believe my partner had a much better massage because of this. “


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  1. Is there a group in California that offers this I am more than interested to try this technic now that I have matured. Please email me with any information. Thank you, Chris

  2. I am a cancer survivor and I suffer from soft cock but I love urethra sounds masturbating which I found to be the most amazing orgasms I ever had but I only get a ercection once in awhile can you please help me. Cptnflattop.

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