About 20 years ago I wrote a short article to try and explain about my Tantric Practice. I thought it was really very good, butt I knew it wasn’t absolutely excellent. So I hid the article away on my old hari shishna webshite. I came across it again more recently and just like myself, it had aged well. So I put it up on this website, as I was hoping that would inspire me to rewrite it. Butt, it didn’t.  In that process I came across the only article I ever read that fully explained everything you would ever need to understand about tantra. I would say to fully understand you should should read it when you are gently and slowly massaging your genitals.

Tantric Practice is accessible to all human beings, here-and-now. In releasing representational reality to be present to what is through our sense of embodiment, we experience the erotic flow of existence. Free from evaluations and judgements we return to living fully, ethically, and passionately. That teachings in tantric practice are more readily accessible presents not only an opportunity to live an erotically embodied, ethical life, but a responsibility to co-create an erotically embodied ethical world where all human beings can live more fully. D Juventin, 2012

The quote above is is from the article Everything Is and Isn’t – Examining Tantric Practice. If you read it slowly 81 times you will know everything you ever need to know about tantra.

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