A Verry Happy Ending

Very Happy Ending Massage for Men London. Mature and very experienced male masseur, London. I have a very beautiful cock, butt, my hands are my biggest sexual organ. Read my happy ending reviews. Mr Cox – 07974 805666

erotic-male massage london

“Great massage, great hot bath. You are a bit like a shaman you know, a magick man, in the oldest sense.  You reach into the other world, the other hidden side of men, and pull out parts of themselves they hide away or don`t even know about. A shaman, as you probably know is someone who lives on the end of the real world in order to be closer to all the other types of worlds, who helps people find what they have lost. You said you are comfortable with the darker side of yourself and that is a great ability, most of us hide it away. Perhaps you help men reclaim that a little, and sticking your finger up their arses is a great way to get people to let go of their tightness!! Thanks for the gentle shove back into life. With respect and thanks.” M. London


Very Happy Ending Massage for Men London. The size of your cock is not important in relation to the massage, it’s more about the size of your orgasm. London Male Massage with Mr Cox – 07974 805666. To read my most recent reviews click here



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