exploring the NAKED TRUTH of Masculinity

We are very proud that we have created a space where all god men, gay bisexual and straight men can come together and spend some time exploring the NAKED TRUTH of Masculinity. This is an group for gay, bisexual and straight men over 21 years of age who want to celebrate their inner warrior. A great, non-threatening, supportive space for men to learn grow and discover their sexual and inner potential. We run pioneering naked male celebration events where every man is respected for who he is, as we see each as a guide from beyond. This Male Massage Brotherhood in London is a unique CELEBRATION of the lost religion of masculinity. We will encourage you to awaken the warrior within, the creative energy, the magickal powers, and the artistic qualities within your mind body and soul. If you are interested in connecting with other men in London or Manchester, sharing in their experiences and acquiring new male massage techniques along the way then we would be delighted to invite you to join us. Touch is never random or rotational. You always get to choose. We don’t really care if you join now or not, what’s more important is that you now know we exist. All masseurs are welcome from professionals to beginners. Women are welcome, to join, to show their support.ou are welcome to join just to show your support.

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