Tantric Male Ejaculation Coach London

Tantric Male Ejaculation Coach London

There are many in the Tantric Massage Industry who claim that male ejaculation of any sort is wrong. So let me tell them a little secret if that was the case they simply would not be here. In Tantra all forms of pleasure are sacred, and that of course includes ejaculation. What tantra has to suggest is that your lingam is your wand, and ejaculation is your magick. You are encouraged and guided to enjoy your fattening lingam for as long as possible to strengthen your ejaculation energy, allowing you an uncontrollable, juddering, screaming orgasm that re-connects you to your original self, where heaven is to bask in Gods love with no need to control, or be described, as anything other than, that, that is tantric. Any suggestion that men should inejaculate or not ejaculate is simply not tantric. If you are in London and fancy a massage and an amazing ejaculation. My massage celebrations offer all men, gay, bi or str8, the opportunity to reclaim and reawaken the spiritual dimension of their ejaculation. I am a mature man. I have climbed three mountains, more than once and the most interesting things happened when I left the trail and walked through the pure wild. I have a good heart, and an interested mind. I am in my late 40′s, but I am only just learning to stop trying to be the sun and become a tiny, tiny star. I am learning to present myself in both my sexual and my spiritual self. At the same time I am aware that I must remain conscious that my spirituality expands and will one day make contact with the entire universe. While my sexual self is limited, my spiritual capacity is utterly vast. Sexually I can only reach a few people, while my feelings and especially my thoughts (spirituality) are capable of reaching all. Connecting my spiritual and sexual thoughts is far more powerful and embraces infinitely more, it is also more subtle and has greater possibilities, allowing me to do dream any dream that I want. One day, however, after numerous incarnations and immense spiritual work, my spiritual will activate my sexual instantaneously. To make an appointment call Mr. Cox 07974 805666 or email sebcox@hotmail.co.uk

Hi Seb, Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing massage and also how nice it was to meet you. I slept like a baby and had such a deep sleep after the massage. Still can’t believe I came like a teenager! Thanks for making me feel so young! Take care and thank you. Mitch 12/01/17

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