Become A HaPenis Coach – Featuring the A-Z of Lingam Massage Sunday 26th May @ 4.30 PM – Central London

What makes my workshops unique is that there are no long lectures as I believe that HaPenis Learning is more effective when bypassing your conscious mind. The only thing you have to do is breathe, everything else is optional. Don’t worry if there is something you don’t understand, as I will explain is clearly on the day. Feels free to leave comments or questions below. To attend the class click below.

Become A HaPenis Coach – Featuring the A-Z of Lingam Massage

Sunday, May 26, 2019, 4:30 PM

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The Hapenis Massage is based on my belief that all a man’s goodness emanates from his Penis. The massage is a blessing that honours the penis by gentle touch and massage to create a sacred energy that we circulate around the man’s body. It is important to maintain a physical contact with him throughout the ritual. IF you have to take your hands away for any reason, use other parts of your body to maintain that contact. Before you begin ask the man if there are any parts of his body that he doesn’t like to have massaged and what type of touch he like on his penis. You should encourage him to breathe deeply throughout the ritual, huge big deep breathe right down into his tummy, as you breathe in unison with him. Make sure you offer the man some chocolate to suck before, during and after the massage.

As simple as ABC

Anointing and Awakening : To begin use the very tips of your fingers lightly and slowly to massage his scalp. Gradually bring that touch right down his body to his feet. Use one hand to bring that touch back up to his perineum where you can rest your fingers and vibrate them slightly. Use your other hand to let the oil trickle down gently all over his cock and balls like little raindrops. You cannot use too much oil.

Breathe Blessing : You should encourage him to breathe deeply throughout the ritual, huge big deep breathe alternating to a more relaxed. It is important to breathe in unison with him. Use your hands to rub and warm up his upper legs as you bring your breathe blessing to about 2 inches above his penis. Blow your breathe slowly up and down the shaft before lingering around the frenelum and then on to the crown.

Cock Cuddles : Put your hand together in the praying position(palm to palm) and place them just above the man’s penis. Rub your hands together to create a deep heat in your hands. Now use this head to cuddle your hands around the man’s cock. In Tantra this is Called Shishna Dedication, and there are 2 basic types. one where you cuddle your hand together around the crown and as far down as your hands can go, and the other where you use one hand one to cuddle the shaft and the other to cuddle his bollocks, as shown below.

The ABC from The A -Zee of Hapenis bi/Mr Cox

The class continues with the remaining techniques as you slowly awaken each millimetre, taking your massage partner on a sensual journey, as you simply breathe and enjoy a kind of “out of body experience”.

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