The purpose of this lingam massage ritual is to take him and you on a journey. Forget about everything and just connect to his penis. You should encourage him to breathe deeply through out the ritual, huge big deep breathe right down into his tummy, as you breathe in unison with him. Put one hand on his tummy to feel him breathe as you encourage him to accept pleasure, surrender, and allow stillness and patience. Now pour a good dollop of massage oil onto his lingam and balls. Rub your hands to-gether and make sure they are lovely and warm. Begin the ritual by gently massaging his legs as wide apart as is comfortable for him. Continue to breathe with him big deep breaths in through your nose, bring the breath like an energy deep into your body, hold it in for a while, and slowly exhale. Cover him with a sheet. Begin to gently massage his head as you whisper your most sexual desires and fantasies to him. Gradually work up and down his body touching him through the sheet. After about 10 minutes sexily remove the sheet. Rub your hands furiously together until they are hot. Now, touch him with the very tips of your fingers very very slowly. Arouse yourself and your partner. This will help you to build up a great amount of sexual magical energy and deep erotic sensation to your touch. Whisper to him how much you love his penis. As you slowly start to remember the massage techniques you meditated about earlier. Pay attention to how he reacts to your touch. Encourage him to make some noise, and breathe deeply.

H : The Healing Stroke (From the A-Z)

The Lingam also has it’s own chakra system. Gently tap or vibrate at a point to represent each chakra. 

The most important advice I can give to any-one who wants to give an amazing lingam massage is that the secret is in your intention. Your intention should be to celebrate the man’s beautiful penis. Spend lots of time taking the energy away from his cock, sometime allowing him into the space between semi-erect and slightly less. As soon as you find him getting a full erection, move your touch to other parts of his body. Let your goodness radiate from your hands. By all means use all the techniques it’s possible to learn, but remember that penis massage is about your intention to connect and let go, it’s a warming emotional celebration. Make it last forever. Lock him in a your HaPenis Space. Enjoy and accept every minute of his pleasure, and your own. Combine trust, trith, respect, fragility, gentleness, softness, and a little firmness like they are a special, magickal incantation. I believe that every ma you will celebrate with this penis massage will be able to teach you something.

Guidelines for Men attending

We HAVE creating a very special space where every man is absolutely accepted for who he is. In this sacred space we don’t judge anyone or say or do anything that would make anyone feel in anyway uncomfortable.

YOU ALWAYS GET TO CHOOSE WHO TOUCHES YOU. Touching anyone without permission is not only extremely bad manners, it is also illegal.

Everything that happens in a group is absolutely confidential to that group. You’re welcome to tell others about the event but you should not discuss anything about a particular person who attended.

Many of our celebration workshops include lingam massage, but there is absolutely clear understanding not to engage in sexual acts.

It is absolutely fine to have an erection, and it is absolutely fine not to have.

Please arrive with your energy intact: do not attend under the influence of any drugs, including alcohol.

The reason this agreement is made is so that men can bi-pass the ordinary outline or script that is often programmed into us and so that you can leave with the same sexual health that you arrived with.

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