What is the value of a Tantra4GayMen Diploma?

Why waste nearly £1,500 when you can qualify for the Gay Tantra Diplomas 4 £39. Gay Tantra Diplomas 4 gay men are not £1478


It is the only Gay Tantra Diploma that is both Certified and Accredited

This powerful and insightful course will teach you everything that you need to know about the exciting world of Tantra 4 Gay Men. The course teaches the history, evolution, and the common misconceptions society has about the practice. You’ll learn about the tradition’s philosophies and concepts, its practical applications in everyday life and how it can enhance your spiritual and mental wellbeing. You’ll also learn how you can use the powerful teachings of Tantra in your personal and professional life.

It involves 150 hours of study, and can cost £39, if you use the code TANTRIC39

The most common misconception of Tantra 4 Gay men is that it is all about sexuality and sexual rituals, and while these do feature, they are not the focus of its teachings. This is combined with the misconception of its association with black magic and the magical powers of a guru. You will discover how these mistruths have tainted a holy and pure tradition and the effects this has had on people’s perceptions of Tantra. A modernised version of Tantra has now become a spiritual way of life for many, though often through misconceptions – focussing on the more superficial qualities of the tradition while disregarding its true nature. You’ll learn how to discern between the types of institutions that follow incorrect teachings and those that provide a suitable and traditional Tantra program that can aid you in reaching higher levels of enlightenment.

The Tantra Diploma Course 

The Tantra Diploma Course explains how the five main elements of water, earth, air, fire and space are present in our bodies and the universe, making us one with it and the divine energy that surrounds it. The course goes into detail about each element and the four freedoms endorsed by the tradition: physical and bodily freedom, mental freedom, emotional freedom and energetic freedom, and how to practice the Sadhanas of Tantra.

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