Keep Your Pecker Up

Hello GentleMen, welcome to the HaPENIS Project. This is a guided CoxErcise. Lie down, cuddle your balls. Relax, to your deepest cock breathing . The secret is cupping one hand around your balls while putting […]

Tantric Male Massages in London

A sacred touch to awaken that tantric warrior within you This is your chance to simply receive without giving back. I’ll help you in developing your capacity to receive tantric pleasure. Your erection is always […]

The Art of HaPenis – 22.08.20

A Huge thank you to all the pioneering artists who have contributed their work. The Art of HaPenis Exhibition has been online since 22.08.20 and since our opening day of 67, the exhibition has attracted […]

I💕 20/20

I 💕 20/20 Any Man Can I got the idea for the 20/20 HaPenis Massage Exchange Ritual from a book called Any Man Can by Hartman and Fithian, who were pioneering sex researchers. They concluded […]

Become A HaPenis Coach

Become A HaPenis Coach – Featuring the A-Z of Lingam Massage Sunday 26th May @ 4.30 PM – Central London What makes my workshops unique is that there are no long lectures as I believe […]

the universe connects

Hi I would like to attend you HaPenis Massage class I feel like I need my mind putting at ease about something I realize its not a orgy or an opportunity to look for sexual […]

HaPenis New Year – Dance & Massage

An invitation to dance as you both give and receive an erotic massage. As the receiver we will encourage you to move on the massage table “dancing” with your sexual energy. You guide the massage, […]