The 60 Second Porn Festival June 22nd 2022

I am creating the 60 Second Porn Festival to encourage a new concept in pornography, a new art genre, expressing the imaginative conceptual idea that porn is art. 60 Seconds is a Collaborative Video Art […]

The Male Deer CoxErcise

The Male Deer CoxErcise is designed to improve male sexual health. It is believed that it can transform a man’s sexual health, and strengthen the body’s sex organs and helps men to experience full-body orgasms. […]

Sold Out – Loving Kindness for your penis?

Loving Kindness for your penis? – Saturday, Nov. 9th 5 – 8 PM – Central London Finding Your HaPenis Saturday, Nov 9, 2019, 5:00 PM 14 almighty members Went Check out this Meetup → Your […]

HaPenis Massage Cures Male Depression?

Does Complete and Repeated HaPenis Massage Cures Male Depression? Excellent, question. So in reply let me also be, excellence. I would say that technically speaking its not actually a cure for male depression, butt, i […]

Everything Is and Isn’t Tantrick Bi/ Mr Cox

About 20 years ago I wrote a short article to try and explain about my Tantric Practice. I thought it was really very good, butt I knew it wasn’t absolutely excellent. So I hid the […]

Review Massage Sound Bath Experience Workshop

I have just returned home with a huge smile on my face! The meeting was amazing. It gave me the opportunity to learn/practice new techniques and meet some amazingly lovely people. I’d like to thank […]

The Big Gong ? Sound to induce a meditative state combined with a slower than slow sensual penis massages to induce a magickal state of euphoria. Intense relaxation and a Zen Lingam that soothes your Mind Body and […]

Review – Lingam Massage Class London

Hi Seb, What I found wonderful at the lingam massage class, last week, was not only the opportunity to learn and practice body and intense cock massage but the deep bond the three of us developed […]

Straight Men Love Big Dicks

There is something about big dicks that get to the very core of masculinity, but we never really discuss that do we?

Coach London

Hi Seb, Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing massage and also how nice it was to meet you. I slept like a baby and had such a deep sleep after the massage. Still […]

1 step beyond the 3 cirlce ritual

1 step beyond the 3 cirlce ritual is a celtic(trust truth respect) ritual for gay bisexual and str8 men only in London. Having been the first, and most experienced to facilitate the 3 Cirlcle Ritual […]