love-women-bisexualI’m bi-sexual, love women, love to make love to them, feel life with them, BUT, when it comes to really, really wanting to feel fulfilled, I need a masculine man and his beautiful cock to satisfy me. I am very oral and I love everything about a man. I love his man-scent, the musk of his man hole, his taunt nipples, the man-sweat of his arm pits, his low-hanging nut sac, the man-scent of his cock, the silkiness of his pre-cum, the sweetness of hsi seed, the taste of his probing tongue. the cock on the home page is to crave for. I found this site off a pic on a wrestling site. I love to wrestle and grind with other hot men anf then for the winner to take all. Bisexuality and sport, is there really a loser?? Marc

lie back and think of Cymru

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