About Mr Cox

10 things you probably didn’t know about Mr Cox

  1. He was the first person in Europe to sell prostate massagers
  2. He is a bit like a shaman, a magick man, in the oldest sense.
  3. He is the editor of the Uk’s most popular sex education website
  4. He is the founder of the Brotherhood of Pleasure.
  5. He was the second person in the UK to use a face picture in an advertisement for “personal services”.
  6. He was selected as “Sex Worker of the Year” at the Erotic Awards London in 2003, and retired the following day to concentrate on his sacred touch massages.
  7. He was the first person in the UK  to use the word “tantra” advertising sensual massage…
  8. Award winning Sex Toy Designer(Nexus)
  9. He is currently the only person here in the UK teaching anal massage.
  10. He is very proud of himself, for being himself

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