It’s certainly not what you would discuss with your mates down the pub on a Saturday night. But in reality it’s a lot more common than most men care to admit. For most men it’s something they think of while masturbating, or having sex. It remains a very private fantasy. Others will experiment; they will occasionally feel a real need to have a sensual cock massage from another man. Some men are very disturbed by this tiny part of their spirituality and it becomes a very big issue for them. These men often become very damaged (homophobic). You know some men cannot even say the word “COCK” without getting embarrased. Just look at any straight porn, its all very big cock focused. That is what heterosexual men get off on. So come on m8 the next time you are showering after the gym or swimming, or even when having a piss in a public toilet have a little peep. Even though you may not have any desire for actual contact it’s as if the mind has taken a photo of that “erotic image” and you can flash back to have another look at any time. You may get sexually aroused thinking about having a sensual massage from this man. That doesn’t mean you want to have a gay relationship with him. I occasional like to give women a good pussy massage, I really get off on cunt-inusloly being able to make them orgasm. I am always complemented on my performances, butt that does not make me a str8 man. Anyway, I was always of the assumption that every-one was bisexual. That is certainly how we were ALL sent here.  Blessed bi/


1 thought on “Dreaming of slow sensual cock massage from a man?

  1. As a bi sexual guy I crave a good massage from a man who knows how to handle my ass, cock and balls. I have been to some women who give a decent happy ending but it’s been my experience that a guy knows best and that is what I need!

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