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I like to have my cock massaged with lots of oil starting with a totally flaccid state and massage my balls with the other hand. I like to press my cock along horizontally and rub its entirety as I grow hard. I like to reach under my balls and push as far up my cock as I can and hold it there and massage the cock head with my open palm in a circular motion and withhold ejaculation and continue to edge and explore my body with my free hand. I like to awaken all of my senses before orgasm.

Sensitively at first, allowing me to close my eyes and catch my breath and arrive because I’m always rushing around – so someone who can touch me into stillness. I like a hand that feels strong and purposeful, knowing how to respond to what is happening to me, intuition and exploration to take us both to the next level of connection – corny, I know but it’s all about connection…

With concentration, observation, sensuality, the lightest touch, a hairs breath. With rhythm, timing, authority, inquisitiveness, instinctive, tender, creative, like it’s the first time you ever touched one. The touch of the familiar, the touch of the stranger, the unseen touch, the blindfold, four hands, multiple hands, hands close barely touching, caressing, giving and receiving, like a breath from one to another. The touch of fingers, face, breath, tongue, tonsils, throat, warm, hot, cold, hot, brush, feather, hard brush lightly, badger brush, you!

I like to have my balls pulled at while my cock is being stroked first slow and then fast then back to slow. Then I want it rubbed around your mouth especially if you have stubble or a beard. Then I want my balls coddled and gently squeezed and yanked on. When my cock is rock hard I want my cock stroked with one hand on each side slow and fast alternating back and forth always with a good amount of oil. Finally I want my cock strongly stroked on till it ejaculaties.

Touch is so important. I don’t like it when someone rushes into intimacy that is so mechanical. I appreciate the anticipation; the breath, the music, the smells. Communication is so important as well. I appreciate someone who can listen to ones needs as well as express their own. And let’s not forget humor. Sometimes, funny things happen. That is sexy to me

My penis must be treated same as I treat other penises, with absolute focus, finding the ultimate point to pleasure and responsibility. Every single spot must be explored to find the most sensitive one which will become the centre of endless Universe. Once this spot is found the real work begins to concentrate all the energy from other parts of penis to the ultimate act of the Big Bang.The release of the energy will be strong and shared with every one for mutual and perpetual enjoyment.

My manhood is sacred. It needs affection, attention, touch, admiration, worship and a place to explode in an orgasmic climax of force, power and ecstasy.

I like to have it massaged, using oil, extremely slowly at the beginning, the pleasure is in the subtle sensation of the different zones of the penis, the pubis, the shaft, the crown, the glans, the tip. Alternating different strokes, speed and pressure from gentle stillness to firm grip, allowing the sensations to ripple through the body from head to toe, the current of pleasure finding its way through the spine like water rushing up to the top of the head and circulating down to the soles of the feet in a continuous flow of energy.

To me, “touch” is not just putting your hands on someone’s body, but also, to touch them with your eyes by examining every inch of their body, with your ears by listening to their breath and heart beat. Furthermore, to make “touch” deeper and more enjoyable, I feel like the two parties involved must adopt a somewhat ritualistic pattern to their experience. For example, I believe it’s always great to start the session sitting down on the floor facing each other, cross legged with both knees touching and eyes locked, to add trust and intimacy to the session, then move to the more comfortable position, like placing ones head and back to the other man’s chest to give them full control and a deeper connection.

Being very sensitive I would like the massage to be gentle and stimulating. The massager should enjoy the massage as much as me from start to finish. Slow and focused with intention of giving pleasure to my ‘manhood’

It will be a new experience for me, but exciting and thrilling. I can imagine myself being massaged and feeling the touch of the other person, but also feeling from inside the vibes that we both will be creating,. For me it will be about body movements that are guided by the natural instincts. The physical aspects of the body: the texture of the hands, the warmth, skin contact… alongside the ‘silent’ communication between us: eye contact, heartbeats, smile… Put all this together, and this is how I would want my manhood massaged. I am excited to know what feelings it will bring!

I usually like very slow breath guided firm and honest touches. Sensual and patient so I can feel and connect with the intention of the massager. I’m open and loving of people and would like to know how other people like their manhood massaged. In a dimly lit room, energise, melting loving and grateful. Happily touched and acknowledged. Rewind so I can catch up. Body to body is also good. The main thing is positivity. Aliveness. Appreciation. And being and bringing out the sexy. Whomever it may be.

I prefer long slow edging sessions that bring me to the verge of climax several times during the massage. Anal stimulation is also a welcome component

Gently, at first, with a slight touch of the fingertips barely caressing my shaft and scrotum. With a gradual build in pressure and intensity only to revert back to the gentle touch. Repeat often. For the big finale, squeeze the lower part of the shaft–close to my pelvis– and work diligently.

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  1. “With warm oil between your feet. Your full body weight on me slididing up and down, back and forth, off and on. Lingualy, manually and analy alternating between the three. In front of a group to demonstrate techniques. And to completion”

    I don’t know who this man is but please tell him if he’s ever in western USA, please look me up. Please pass it in to all of your ‘clients’. I’d love to learn each of their massage techniques and possibly teach them some of my own. I’m always curious and willing to learn and teach all of them.

    Have them add ‘Massage Utah’ as their subject. If they want to talk, I’ll be happy to share more personal info such as my number, pictures, maybe even my home address. That goes for anyone interested no matter where you’re at or from.

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