Slow, watching the fella have a go at it for me – with my hands behind my head enjoying it

By guys, with oil (olive oil is fantastic, especially if oral is also involved) long firm, hard strokes that go right down the shaft.

I am a grower rather than a shower, so you need to take your time to really discover my entire beauty

i like my cock massaged in all sorts of ways that emphasise love, connectedness and longevity.

Senior, fit, curious, I like my manhood massage related to other parts of my body – engorgement is not just about my dick. uncut but head likes pressure. play with foreskin – it’s nice and loose. tug my balls

Slowly from the base of the shaft all the way up to the head. Then have a hand rolled across the top of the head. Nice and tight squeeze it all the way down

50 year old guy positive, polite, smart, accepting. I like to have my manhood massaged slowly and with passion; like it is being worshiped

mmm,thats a BRILLIANT question;) Usually like to be totally nude, warm coconut oil all over my nude body & manhood. just getting it stroked slowly with long sensual strokes:)

I enjoy having my exposed frenulum gently rubbed to climax.

I am very tactile, and I like soft touches when finger barely touch my skin. The gentler the better.

slowly with oil, paying most attention to the helmet , tantric lingam style

Sensuality and slowly in a cosy environment as a solution against stress. love to be fully naked for more liberty.

Hi, The up and down figure of 8 motion is simply the pinnacle of all penis massage techniques

Sensual slow massage with perineal stimulation

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  1. I am surprised that there is no mention of the wonderful closeness and intimacy AFTER the ejaculation climax, which is when l love to feel him stay inside me and twitch his cock while l tighten my arse muscles around him in a long series of kisses, or hold his cock in my mouth after drinking all his cum, and staying like that as we both share the ongoing love of staying coupled together in our vulnerable softening relaxation like twins in the womb, sharing our bonding, maybe drifting into sleep, or even better, feeling the erections growing again, with memories and sensations of still being one coupled unity.

  2. Wow so many amazing responses by men out there so horny and each one quite different but I have always believed that men are the only ones who know exactly how to pleasure another man…. women can try but men know what men want, they know how other men like it, how men need it, how hard, fast and slow….i also believe men know how filthy and hard men really like it….also some women for example don’t even like to suck a man’s cock….like wtf! So there’s men out there in marriages where their wives have never sucked them off or done anything resembling foreplay….there’s more than just that but men will pleasure another man exactly how he likes it…there’s no boundaries….they will suck and suck and suck till they explode, we will kiss hard and fuck hard, wank hard and best of all us men get a tight as fuck arse hole to fuck whenever we want! Whereas straight men very rarely get to fuck their wives anally at all! If ever! So men give each other everything they desire sexually and emotionally with no limits and always hit the spot….we want it hard and horny and filthy every single time…we want spunk and spit everywhere….we want loud moaning and groaning….we want to fuck up the arse bareback and feel that tight as fuck hole grip our cocks and we wanna fuck with some horny filthy gay porn blasting out in the background….we wanna sniff poppers while we fuck each other….we wanna get high and sniff coke while we fuck and suck each other, we wanna play with viagra and see how long we can stay hard for….we wanna wear cock rings while we fuck, alot of men like me wanna fuck in hot rubber and leather fetish gear….feel that hot leather on our skin smell that hot leather and hear that hot leather crunching as we fuck without taking our gear off…some men like to slam and fuck or slam and wank….anything goes when it’s men on men there’s literally nothing that men won’t do with another man…men do it best!

  3. Oh my .. personally i like to be seated or my partner be seated .. wearing short briefs that i open unbutton and reveal the underlying content .. what , how happens later it depends from what was unside and what is facing it

  4. The more I read of these, the sadder I became. Not because I was envious, but because it never happened to me and at this late stage of my life ~ never will. I am 77 and use a cane to walk, which isn’t bad, but because my back is bad I need a cane to keep stable as I am bent over. Yes, I know, there are probably many 77 year-old gay men who have been, and are still, fortunate enough to give another man a great blow-job. I live in a small, backward town in the mountains of Pennsylvania and being disabled as I am, cannot look of other gay men… if, indeed, there were more than a handful of them. So I guess I shall go silently to wherever, never knowing such intense and wonderful pleasures described in these great reminiscences, but am pleased to read of others who have.

  5. “With warm oil between your feet. Your full body weight on me slididing up and down, back and forth, off and on. Lingualy, manually and analy alternating between the three. In front of a group to demonstrate techniques. And to completion”

    I don’t know who this man is but please tell him if he’s ever in western USA, please look me up. Please pass it in to all of your ‘clients’. I’d love to learn each of their massage techniques and possibly teach them some of my own. I’m always curious and willing to learn and teach all of them.

    Have them add ‘Massage Utah’ as their subject. If they want to talk, I’ll be happy to share more personal info such as my number, pictures, maybe even my home address. That goes for anyone interested no matter where you’re at or from.

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